Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 219 | 30 June 2022 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 219 | 30 June 2022

Episode 219

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 219 | 30 June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram recalling Priya’s vow. Priya, according to Ram, has broken numerous promises. Pihu claims you’re a liar since she never breaks her commitments. Vedika believes this girl is Ram and Priya’s daughter, but she will derail the entire scheme. She says, “Enough of you ruining our evening; just take your bad-mannered daughter.” Krish and Priya invite her to join them. Pihu claims she is a rude aunty, calling me a thief’s daughter and apologizing for her rude behavior. Priya wonders how you can say such a thing. Vedika claims, “I had no idea she was your daughter.” They are at odds.

Priya claims that I taught her to respond in order to maintain her self-esteem; she is mischievous but not impolite. Ram suggests that we avoid making a scene. Priya says she doesn’t like talking to those who try to separate 18-year-old children from their mothers. Vedika claims that your daughter is a criminal’s daughter, that she discovered your reality and fled. Stop, Ram says, you’re overstepping your bounds. Priya claims that if anything happened to her kid, she will not abandon her. She walks away. Kanika and the Minister arrive. Vedika claims they are the same. Ram inquires as to why you gave the legal documents to Ishaan. Vedika says, “I’ll explain that to you later,” but for now, I’m taking care of your problem. Ram claims that he does not require your assistance. He walks away.


Ishaan and Sandy post the old footage on the internet. According to Ishaan, it has gone viral. Raya is popular, according to Sandy. Vikrant commends Ishaan. Sara responds, “Fine, Krish, I’ll notify everyone and come.” He claims Pihu has gone missing. Vikrant inquires. Sara claims Vedika referred to Pihu as the criminal’s daughter, and Pihu left. Vikrant claims she also misbehaved at the gathering. Adi suggests we go. Vikrant inquires as to your plans. Adi says we’ll go find Pihu. Sandy says I’ll just show up. She is also going. Priya and Krish are on the lookout for Pihu. She blames herself and adds, “I can’t stay here,” adding, “I have to consider from her side, maybe she’s gone to sit in some corner, she’s like her father.” Pihu claims that her mother was humiliated today as a result of me. Priya and Ram notice Pihu and rush over to her. Pihu is on the verge of falling into the manhole. Ram walks her away. Priya inquires as to what happened, if you are okay, and where you went after leaving me. Pihu apologizes for causing difficulties. When the man notices them, he says they are Raya 2.0. Vedika shows up.


Kanika and Minister follow. Priya receives a kerchief from Ram. Tanha ghata sa…plays… Krish approaches and inquires about your well-being. Ram believes she may have slipped into the manhole. People applaud Ram for saving Pihu. Krish inquires as to what they are seeing on the mobile device. Ram and Priya’s interview is shown by the man. Krish wonders how this became so popular. Meera appears and informs us about the popular video. Priya becomes concerned. Ram is explained by Adi and Vikrant. Ram refuses to accept them.


Krish converses with Priya. Pihu, he says, should not see this. Priya claims she is not watching television. He claims that I gave her my iPad. Ram wonders how the video got out at this time, and if it was done by the minister. Adi agrees. Nandini wonders what he will gain from this, why would he be interested in improving Ram’s image; we will locate the guilty and punish him. She notices Adi. Vikrant believes Adi is correct. She claims you’re Ram’s friend, and you know Ram despises Priya, so why are you recommending this? According to Adi, the deal is about $800 million and will result in a significant loss. Ram claims Priya defrauded him. Priya travels to Pihu. It’s Ram’s interview, according to Pihu. Priya requests that it be given to her. Wait, says Pihu. Priya will consider her options after viewing the interview.


Meera says I’m going to get some ice cream. Pihu says I can have it as well. She retains possession of the iPad. Priya claims you’re not feeling well. Meera believes your mother is correct; mothers are always correct but occasionally make mistakes. Priya claims that because I care about Pihu, I must put her to sleep. Meera departs. Priya declares adventure time and embraces Pihu. She believes we must leave this city. Krish approaches Ram and inquires as to who committed this heinous crime.


Nandini believes this is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on Ram’s dislike for Krish. Ram claims that if you ask me, you will get a response here. Krish said you will respond or I will not leave. So you’re upset to see her with me, Ram says. Krish claims that it is not about me, but about Pihu. If she doesn’t know Priya’s truth, Ram says it’s her problem.



Ram chastises Adi. He thinks I shouldn’t trust anyone. Nandini requests that they quit their life and company. Ram and Priya cross paths on the highway. Ram requests that she not accompany him.