Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 218 | 29 June 2022 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 218 | 29 June 2022

Episode 218

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The episode begins with Nandini declaring that the minister would be convinced, that he will not be insecure, and that Ram’s reputation will be cleared. Vedika claims that 800 crores are at stake; perhaps the minister is considering destroying your family. Ram, according to Brinda, will never agree. Ram considers Priya and Krish. He says, “I’m ready, and if this is the only option, let’s do it.” Nandini inquires, “Are you sure? We can’t step back.” Ram gives a nod. She says it’s fantastic. Vedika responds, “Great, then, we’ll go to the café for dinner, Kanika is going there with her husband, propose to me in front of them.” Nandini says simply, “We have to do this.” Ram says he has it, and Vedika should be ready by 9 a.m. Nandini expresses gratitude to Ram. Brinda congratulates Ram. Ram requests the contract from Adi. Nandini and Vedika have left. Brinda inquires as to what is wrong with you.

Ram claims Pihu met with him twice. Adi describes herself as a small child. Ram claims she is Priya and Krish’s daughter; I did not wish for this to happen, and I intend to marry Vedika. Sorry, Ram, Vikrant thinks, I wish I could tell you that Pihu is your daughter. Ram departs. Brinda claims that we will not allow this marriage to go place. Sandy says I’ll lose my job; don’t laugh; I’m not going to allow you do that. Ishaan responds, “Calm down, you can do it, give me the video, I’ll make it viral, and Raya will be back together.”


Pihu, according to Ishaan, will find her father. Adi inquires as to what you mean. Sandy claims that if we show Ram and Priya together, Pihu will be his daughter. Adi proposes to Ram and Priya as a couple. Brinda and Vikrant are perplexed. Sandy claims Ishaan told her this, and she knows it’s a poor idea. Ishaan adds they could reconsider returning if we make the interview video go viral. Sandy asks that it be stopped since it is a horrible idea. Vikrant believes it is superior to Nandini’s plan. Ishaan believes Vedika is unsuitable for Ram. Ram, according to Vikrant, observed Krish and Pihu. Sandy inquires if he said yes. Vikrant tells Sara that Ishaan suggested a plan to prevent Ram and Vedika from marrying. Sara inquires, “What, Ram and Vedika’s marriage?” Priya is taken aback when she hears this. Vikrant says Ram said yes, so we went to the bakery to talk to Priya, and Ishaan suggested we come here soon. Okay, says Sara. She looks around and notices Priya. Vikrant, she says. I heard the wonderful news, according to Priya. Krish and Pihu arrive. Pihu inquires about the excellent news. Sara dispatches her to the room. Krish says, “I’ve had to tell you something.” Priya says, “Give us a treat, Pihu and I are going tomorrow, so take us out for Chinese food.” He responds, “I like it too, what are we celebrating?” She bids me farewell, and Ram and Vedika are marrying. He inquires as to your well-being. She responds yes, I’d want to celebrate, and where will you take me? He suggests we go out for Chinese. Priya thinks I’m fine, and Pihu and I will be fine.


Sara arrives at the bakery. She wonders why Ram made this decision. He claims to have seen Pihu with Krish. She claims that he believed Priya told him about the child and that it is true. She believes Krish should inform Priya that Ram saw them. Krish considers telling Priya why she can’t move on in life when Ram can. He says I’m prepared. Priya invites him to join her. He considers telling her his feelings in the hopes of becoming her new life partner.


Ram and Vedika are headed to the café, so Adi encourages them to hurry. Sara claims Krish will drive Priya there. According to Vikrant, the minister will also be present. She wonders how you knew. Adi claims Ram would propose to Vedika there. Vedika and Ram have arrived at the café. She claims I spoke with Kanika and she spoke with the minister. Ram claims that the minister is aware of her feelings for me. She says he adores her; let’s leave it to her; focus on proposing to me; he can’t defame you; it’s a new beginning for me. Krish says I’ll accompany you this time, Pihu. She drives them to a café.


Ram is shown the ring by Vedika. Ram considers Priya. Pihu warns Priya not to be as harsh as Mr. Khadoos, whom Krish met today. Priya wonders who he is. Ram believes it is incorrect. Vedika claims you were also compelled to marry before. Ram claims that was different because I was free of rage and hatred. She says, “I’m not expecting anything from you; you’ve done a lot for me; let me do something,” Kanika messaged, and they’ll be there in 5 minutes. Priya inquires, “Who is he?”


Pihu claims that we met him at Sara’s engagement as well. She drops the rose and walks over to pick it up. Mr. Khadoos, she says. Ram indicates that you are present. Priya walks over to see Ram. Bade acchhe…plays… Vedika understands Kanika’s message. Ram mocks Pihu’s manners. She claims that Priya and Krish failed to teach their child manners. Pihu requests that Priya reprimand Ram. Pihu and Ram disagree. She asks when you’re going to move on, because moving on is a part of life. Priya, according to Ram, is a master at moving on and forgetting people.



Adi claims that your and Priya’s interview went viral on social media. Ram claims that we are estranged and that Pihu is not my child. Krish orders Ram to remove the footage or he would call the cops.