Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 11 March 2022 | Episode 140 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 11 March 2022 | Episode 140

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 140 | 11 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins when Ram asked the doctor to do Nandini’s tests. Although the doctor advised caution, she was eager on traveling. Ram promises he’ll take care of her and make sure she’s okay. Priya is complimented by Meera. She thinks you’re fortunate to have a guy like Ram. Priya is thinking of someone, Sara says, and it’s a big deal. Priya claims that you are continuously praising Ram. Meera goes to look at the puja preparations. Brinda weeps joyously and paints a black dot on Priya’s face. She says, “I’m glad to see you; you’ve prepared for Ram.” Priya suggests that I’m evolving; he goes out of his way for me, and I’m worried that I’ll become accustomed to it. Sara says he cares about you, that the past should be left in the past, and that you should embrace the happiness that is coming your way. Brinda arrives. Priya is teased by Sara and Brinda. You’re blushing, according to Brinda. Adi approaches her and addresses her. Did you see Ram, he inquires? She claims he’s here, so I’ll go see for myself and rest. Sara claims that Brinda was taunting you, and that you are pleased with Ram’s name. Priya claims that I am shining as a result of the sunlight and that the red color suits me. She wonders if she still has feelings for Ram, or if she has moved on from love. Ram comes to mind. Sara inquires as to what transpired. Priya declares, “I don’t want to become weak because then my heart will break.” Ram, according to Brinda, is unique in that he will never hurt your heart.

Pandit invites Priya to attend puja. Ram’s message reaches Nandini. She claims that because of Ram’s regard for her, Priya will come out, travel to the airport, and wait for him. Vedika says, “I just hope nothing goes wrong now,” that he has a soft spot for me, that he lies to Priya about my saying, that everything is the same, that he loves me, that Priya is his responsibility, that Ram is taking her responsibility, that he will accompany me to Manali, that it demonstrates who is more important to him. Nandini hugs her and urges her to leave. Vedika is on her way. Nandini claims that this is also responsible for our prosperity and happiness. Everyone is looking forward to Ram’s arrival. Even though Kunal swears he isn’t there, I shall continue to search for him. Pandit and Adi invite Priya to take a seat and begin the puja rituals. No, Priya says, we’ll wait for Ram, and reporters have arrived. Brinda inquires about the significance of the puja. I’m not sure, he says. Mami is the one who asks her. Mami is speechless. Meera tells them the story of Shiv and Parvati. Priya and Ram will perform the pooja jointly, she explains. Brinda and Adi make a joke. After the puja, the Pandit says you’ll both accept each other as husband and wife, and he’ll fill the sindoor. Ram isn’t expected to fill sindoor, according to Mami. Adi dials Ram’s number. Priya is sitting alone, according to Kunal, because Ram is nowhere to be found. Brinda says, “I know who did this, Vedika, and I’ll take care of it.” Vedika is her name. Vedika and Brinda have a fight. Vedika hangs up the phone. Priya approaches and inquires about your conversation with Ram. No, Brinda says, I’m not concealing anything. Mami says to tell her where Ram is since he won’t come because he doesn’t have time for this. Brinda declines. Priya inquires whether I may use your phone to contact Ram.

Sara appears and says, “Why did you come from the puja?” She also says, “Don’t you trust Ram, he’ll arrive.” Priya believes I trust him, but what can I say? Ram appears. Priya believes he is dressed in his wedding sherwani. Ram apologizes for making you wait.


Vedika and Akki have a fight. Stay away from Priya, advises Akki, because Ram and Priya are one. Ram claims that we won’t be able to survive without each other.