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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 139

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 139 | 10 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram claiming that it is not Akki’s fault and that everything would be OK. Priya claims he made a mistake. I adore my siblings, and I want the puja to go smoothly; this puja is important to me, and my mother and father used to perform it together every year; I don’t want any problems, and I don’t want anyone to be angry, you know… I understand how important Akki is to you, and I don’t want anything to happen between Shivi and Akki. Nandini arrives. Priya will not be leaving the residence, according to Ram. Nandini tells Priya that she should forgive Akki and concentrate on the puja and interview.

She says you’ll be dubbed “the best pair” if you think about it, so think about it. Okay, I have to chat to Ram about Manali plans. Ram will accompany her. Priya is undecided on what to do because this puja is significant for Ram. Priya comes back to Akki’s mind. He tucks the bangle away. He says a prayer for Priya. Priya is the subject of a conversation between Brinda and Sara. It’s impossible, according to Brinda, that Ram didn’t go shopping for you. Priya claims that you are both with Ram and that no one from my team is present. Sara informs you that you have Akki. Brinda makes fun of her when it comes to Ram. Vedika notices Priya and sends a message to Ram. Ram converses with Adi. Priya appears and offers him some nutritious juice. Adi chuckles. She says, “Have your milkshake,” implying that you enjoy only harmful thoughts. Ram believes you’ll see what I’m trying to show you now. So what, Ram says, I’ll drink it. Vedika’s message reaches him. He switches off the computer. Priya wonders whether he wants to purchase this saree for me. Vedika is on her way. They converse and exchange smiles. Akki arrives at the bakery to speak with Sara. Shivi is there, he notices. Sara claims Shivi told her everything, and she asks, “What did you do?” Shivi apologizes for bothering you all; I come to offer assistance.

Sara inquires as to when you were interested in bangles. Priya is important for you, Brinda says; it’s Ram and Priya’s puja and interview tomorrow; they’re getting close; forget it. We’ll talk about it later, Adi says. Akki considers not speaking in front of everyone.

For puja, everyone gathers at the temple. Adi claims that he advised the media to keep away since Ram wishes to perform the puja with dedication. Meera thinks it’s great. Ram approaches her and greets her. He inquires about Priya’s whereabouts. He makes fun of Shivi. Akki and Shivi have arrived. Adi claims that the journalists will be present. Ram advises that puja begins on schedule. Sara is accompanied by Priya. Everyone, even Ram, is beaming. Meera adds, “Priya contacted me and asked what the significance of this day was, and I told her that Shiva and Parvati are two halves of the same body,” adding that she wore the bridal saree to make the occasion extra memorable. Priya inquires if you were in any discomfort. Ram says no, that he got a surprise and that he will change his plans. He receives a phone call. He leaves. The doctor adds, “I called to tell you about Nandini; she has high blood pressure, which has never happened before; I gave her medications; I can’t advise her to travel.” Ram says he’ll speak with her. Nandini receives a call from Ram. We’re headed for the airport, she says. He says no, your blood pressure is too high, you won’t be able to go, but you can go later. She claims that she has requested the jeweler to make the same bangles and that she would bring the bangles home with her. He claims we’ll be able to obtain it here. She refuses, claiming that he is an elderly jeweler, that we must do this for Akki and Shivi, and that we must respect him. You won’t be able to go, he says. She claims that no one knows about the bangle and that you are unable to attend because it is Puja day today. Priya is waiting for him if he says yes. She tells me I need to go grab the bangle. You’re not going, he says. Will you go then, tell me? she says. He believes Priya has decked me for me; I can’t leave her, but I also can’t send mom; my issue isn’t with the bangle; mum wants to safeguard Akki and Shivi.


Meera wonders how Priya will perform the pooja by herself. Nandini claims that because Ram respects me, he will exclude Priya from his life. Brinda is challenged by Vedika.