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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 138

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 138 | 9 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins when Ram and Priya talk about shopping. She advises that we do not go shopping. Why am I disputing when he says it’s good luck to wear new clothes for puja? I have a coupon that says I can’t refuse. She claims that the discount has expired. He claims that it is incorrect. Why did Akki lie when he said Ram couldn’t deliver Vedika Kada? He claims that once Vedika leaves, he will go and ask Priya and that everything would be OK. You know who you are, Ram says. Priya, Priya, Priya, Priya, Priya, Priya, P Planet Venus, he replies, you have your own course. She claims that she will extend the coupon’s validity, but that she will not be forced to shop. Okay, you’re Venus, but who am I, I’ll have my own planet, he replies. She claims that you are unlike any other planet. Oh, you believe I’m the sun, he says. She claims you were once a planet, but now you are Pluto, a world apart. He requests that she pay attention.

Nandini is asked to listen by Shivi. Nandini informs me that I must make preparations for a trip to Manali. Shivi, Akki says, we’ll discuss later. Nandini inquires as to what is the matter. Shivi claims that the other bracelet you kept for Shubham’s wife is mine. It’s Ram’s mother’s bangles, Nandini says. Ram appears. Shivi asks, “Can you grab the other bangle for me?” Shivi responds, “I want to wear it.” Vedika visits Akki in his room. He would have hidden the bangle, she claims. She removes the lid off the cupboard. Virender made the bangles for his wife, Nandini says, and Ram wants to give them to Shubham. But Shubham rejected, so what’s the problem, Shivi is also your daughter, adds Akki. Mami mocks him.

I’m staying here, Akki says, because Shivina requested it. She inquires if Shivi requested the bangle; no, you have informed her of this; she prefers new patterns; why would she choose old designs? What’s wrong, Akki replies Shivi has a right to the bangles. Ram responds that you are correct, and that he will produce new bangles. What am I doing wrong if I ask that for Shivi? Akki says it’s about your mother’s bangles. Vedika double-checks everything. Priya approaches and inquires, “What are you doing?” and “Do you want something?” Vedika says no, it’s fine, I’ll handle it. Priya inquires if you are annoyed with me. Vedika thinks you did a fantastic job with the drama today. Priya stands up for herself. In the room, Priya and Vedika are arguing. Nandini yells. She claims that I didn’t want the bangles to leave the house, so I asked Shubham’s wife to take them. What did I do wrong? She sobs. Ram reassures her. Priya and Vedika have arrived to observe what’s going on. Why is she lying, Akki wonders? I can’t find the truth this way.

He inquires if Ram’s mother is telling the truth. Akki, according to Ram, wants Shivi to acquire the bangles. Priya wonders how Akki can ask for your mother’s bangles. Mami declares that she agrees with Priya. Ram claims he has the right to inquire, but I am unable to respond because… Because Shivi is your stepsister, explains Akki. Priya puts her hand on Akki’s shoulder. Ram takes her hand in his. Leave my hand, she says. He says, “I’m not going to let you do anything you’ll regret later.” She tells Akki that until he apologizes to Ram, their relationship will end. Akki departs after apologizing to Ram. Priya expresses her regret to Nandini. Vedika believes they are always there for one another. Nandini says it’s fine; we’ll consider about Mahashivratri later. Adi says you’re both going for a couple interview; we’ll discuss afterwards. Ram advises that you think calmly. Don’t try to manage my rage, Priya says; it’s about me and my brother. He claims that it is about him and his wife, and that you should pay attention to him. She says, “OK, I’ll take it from here.” Mami approaches Vedika and says, “You design a plan, and it fails; Nandini reprimands you, and we all devise a new plan; tell me what that plan is.” Our strategy, according to Vedika, is already in place.

Priya prepares her belongings. I didn’t want you to leave, Ram says. She wonders how Akki can make such a demand. He speculates that Shivi became adamant. She says you’ll fulfill it if I become adamant. He advises that you become adamant and see what happens. She claims that you enjoy granting everyone’s requests and being a hero. He inquires as to what I did. She claims you should have slapped Akki for misbehaving. He says it’s fine, Shubham and Shivi agree, and I don’t mind. She claims that you do care, and that she has seen you suffer as a result of this word.


Ram recalls that his parents used to perform this pooja together. Nandini is what he calls her. Nandini says she’ll get the new bangles, but she’ll have to go to Delhi first. Will you accompany her? Priya sits and waits for Ram.