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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 137

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 137 | 8 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Akki asking if he should tell Ram about the bangles, if Vedika stole them, or if they were given to Vedika by someone. He examines the bangle. He says I’ll insult him if I ask, so shall I question Shivina about Ram and Vedika, how shall I tease Ram, Priya didn’t want to marry, so how shall I mock Ram, Priya didn’t want to marry, when she finally found happiness, no, I can’t ask her. Shivi arrives. Priya’s bangles were given to her by Ram, and Akki inquires about them. Ram and Priya have a conversation. They devote time to it. bade acche….performs… They are able to glimpse their stars. They are holding hands. When he sees her, he smiles. She fixes her gaze on him. Do you want me to ask mum for that bangle, Shivi asks? I want you to wear it, Akki adds, because you deserve it, and I was hurt when mum didn’t give it to you. Shivi answers, “I don’t think so,” but adds, “Fine, I’ll talk to mum; she won’t refuse me.” I won’t put Priya’s relationship in jeopardy, he thinks. Priya gets out of bed in the morning. Ram has her hand in his. She tries to pull her hand away from her face. Suna hai…plays… He takes her hand in his again. She is concerned about him. She doeszes off. When he wakes up, he notices her. He lets go of her hand. If she wakes up, he believes she will murder me. He leaves. She believes that now is the end of all of my fears. She gives a kind smile.

Nandini, Adi explains, doesn’t like us interfering in her family’s affairs. Brinda responds, “I’ll send Vedika away.” Priya thinks it’s great that you’ve come. Ram and Vedika have arrived. Ram continues, “I’ve summoned you all here because we’re concerned about Vedika’s future.” Because Shashi has sent me divorce papers, Vedika says. He claims that deciding on this is difficult for him. She takes his hand in hers and adds, “I know you’re worried about me.” We’re all with you, Nandini says. Ram says that sounds good, but if that’s the case, we can’t explain it to you; you’ll need assistance. Priya claims that she seldom interferes in other people’s affairs, but when Ram inquired, she thought, “You need expert treatment.” Vedika asks if I’m crazy, if I’m disturbed, and what you’re saying.

Priya says don’t use the word insane; yeah, you’re disturbed; Shashi abandoned you; he used to abuse you; he rejected your love; you need help; you’ve been tortured; you don’t have a work to keep your mind occupied; and now divorce papers have arrived. We won’t be able to aid Vedika, Ram says. Brinda beams. Adi comes to a halt. Priya is correct, Nandini continues, but Priya has also gone through enough; everyone approaches difficulties differently; you were alone, but we are with Vedika. Ram replies, “Are we with her?” “Are we happy in her life?” “I don’t think so,” Priya answers. Nandini claims that she is not implying that Priya is incorrect. Ram believes she is correct. Priya suggests that we discuss mental health; Vedika requires the assistance of a professional. Ram responds that she is correct, that we have located a facility for you in Manali, a women’s support group that focuses on women’s mental health. Vedika is perplexed. He says, “Believe me, it’ll assist you.” Nandini is asked to say anything. I agree with Ram, Nandini says, but how can Priya understand everyone’s feelings? Ram says, “Believe me on this.” Brinda says yeah, Vedika has a great deal of faith in Ram, and Shashi used to torture Vedika. We know what happened with Vedika, according to Adi, so I don’t think Vedika will mind. Brinda taunts Vedika while hugging her.

Sara is introduced to Brinda and Adi. Brinda tells Sara everything. Sara is perplexed. I’m glad, Adi says. Brinda says she wants to dance, and Ram thinks Priya is correct and everyone else is incorrect. The news reporters, according to Adi, want to do a story on Ram and Priya for Mahashivratri. Brinda claims that she will persuade them. They converse with Ram. Sara expresses her happiness by saying, “I’m quite delighted.” Ram informs me that Priya has arrived and that I will speak with her later. Ram inquires about Mahashivratri puja with Priya. He only wants her to listen to him once.


Ram and Priya have a disagreement regarding Akki. Shivi, according to Akki, is your step-sister. Priya puts her hand on Akki’s shoulder. Ram intervenes.