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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 136

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 136 | 7 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins when Ram tells Vedika not to give up on her marriage and to fight for her rights. He reminds her of her feelings for Shashi. He gives her encouragement. He walks away. Ram, Nandini claims, cherishes love and marriage, but he is unaware of your truth. Vedika claims that he, too, is unaware of your truth. Nandini claims that we wrecked their movie night, that we were successful, that we need to discover that bracelet, and that she wants Priya to stop their relationship. In front of Akki, Priya defends Vedika. He considers how he will inform her about Vedika. She inquires as to when he will return home. Don’t send me away, Akki says; send Vedika away. She claims that isn’t your home. He wonders why, since my house is Shivi’s, her house is also mine. He regrets speaking to you in this manner.

She receives Ram’s message and departs. Priya takes notice of the lovely decorations on the patio. Ram appears and says, “Sit, we’ll watch a video about the stars,” implying that you are familiar with the solar system, as I am not. She gives a kind smile. They notice a shooting star in the sky. They exchange greetings and express a wish for one other. She claims you would have made a wish for Vedika because she is your buddy, but I am unfamiliar with her. I don’t know what happened to her, he continues, because Vedika and Shashi used to be really close. She talks about meteors, which are not stars, and how life is similar in that it wrecks things. Right, he thinks you might comprehend her. How can I say no when she says no? Mahender and Meera are two people she mentions. She claims that after Mahender left the family, she understood it was all a deception; he married Rakhi and had a son Raj, and she regrets being his daughter. He apologizes profusely. She responds it’s all right, you were just trying to explain Vedika. He responds no, no one compares to you, you are strong, and I was curious about you. She inquires as to how you intend to assist Vedika. You tell me, he says. I believe she should return home, she says. He responds, “I believe your decisions; I believe she isn’t addressing her problems here, and you are correct.” She claims that seeing Shivi-Akki and us happy makes her sad. He inquires as to what you said. She repeats herself. You admit that you are content with me, he says. They have a disagreement. She stands up and walks away. He brings her to a halt. They reminisce about their experiences. He requests that she wait. She requests that he accompany Vedika to a marriage counselor. He says you’re a formidable opponent. She claims Vedika appears to be strong as well, but she informs me that Shashi requires assistance. I’ll speak with her, he says. She claims that I told Meera about the counseling but that we couldn’t afford it because we didn’t have enough money; don’t you have tissues for my tears? Ram provides her with a tissue.


Ram expresses concern over Vedika’s future. Vedika, according to Priya, is agitated. We found this support group for Vedika, Ram adds, and they assist women seek mental health treatment. Vedika is taken aback. I agree with Ram, Nandini says.