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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 135

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 135 | 4 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode Begins when Nandini arrives to speak with Akki. Come in, she says, because you didn’t eat breakfast. Is everything okay? she inquires. Yes, he says. She says if you’re worried, you can tell me. He continues, “I was thinking if I stay here for a long time, will Priya be upset?” No, she argues, you’re her brother, so why should she be upset? He claims that they are not old-fashioned, that they respect them, and that they kept this requirement for Ram and Priya’s marriage because they only wanted Priya to marry. He claims that he adores Shivi. She says, “I know you prefer Priya; I respect that; Priya and Ram will be delighted to meet you.” He considers asking her about the bangle. She tells him not to think too hard because he means a lot to her. She walks away.

He examines the bangle. Adi approaches Ram to speak with him. Ram advises against signing the contract. Adi makes fun of him. Adi is leaving. Priya arrives. Ram throws a punch. She sustains an injury. When he sees her, he apologizes and tells her to sit down and show me. She assures me that I am fine. He is concerned about her. She claims that I assumed… He inquires as to why you have come here. I’ll book the movie ticket on your laptop, she offers. She dashes to the laptop to turn it off. He claims I wasn’t seeing anything out of the ordinary. She claims I never said that. He says, “Wait for a second, there’s nothing,” and then says, “Come.” She claims that we don’t need to clarify everything all of the time because everyone has a right to privacy. She makes reservations for the seats. He requests that she reserve the best seat as well as refreshments. She estimates that it will cost roughly 4000 rupees. Just take it, he says. He believes she wishes to sit next to me. She believes he is a squanderer of funds. He invites her to drive his automobile.

I didn’t see anything, she claims. It’s simply email, he claims. He is concerned about her. Adi appears and apologizes profusely for bothering you. Come if she says no. Ram, according to Adi, was researching the solar system. Ram hands him the laptop. Adi asks them to consider the date of Maha Shivratri. He leaves. Nandini invites Akki to join her for tea. Shivi, he claims, has left. I was wondering since she thinks you’ve given Mami an excellent diet, why don’t you open a private gym for yourself? Vedika takes notes on what he says. He says, “I’m grateful that you’re considering my career,” but he adds, “I want to achieve things via my hard work, so please bless me.” Nandini adds that you may accept it as a loan from us, that we can assist you, that I have a business plan, and that you should stay here. She leaves. Vedika advises you not to waste this opportunity as Shashi did. Vedika and Akki have a disagreement.

She claims that you already know what will happen if Ram finds out. He says Shivi will be upset if she finds out you taunted me, so I’ll stay here and keep an eye on everyone; I love Priya the most, so I’m willing to sacrifice my love for her; Ram and Priya are getting closer; they’re going to see a movie today, so I’m simply telling you. Her phone is knocked over by the water glass. He apologizes and leaves. Nandini inquires, “Did you record?” I hope so, Vedika adds, but this water. We will make Ram realize that Akki can leave Shivi at any time, and how will we cancel their film plan, Nandini says. Vedika claims that we have a backup plan. According to Adi, Allow Ram to leave; he has a date today. Enjoy the movie, Kunal. Ram and Priya are on their way out. Tarun returns with his medications and inquires if you require anything else for your date. Ram requests that he go. She inquires about the date. Ram says it’s a date; we’ll get along fine; it’ll be a date for me; will you accompany me; I’ll show you the moon and stars. She wonders what he said about the date, why he became passionate, and so on. He receives a call from Nandini. She claims that Shashi has sent divorce papers, and I’m not sure how to deal with Vedika. I’ll be there, he says. Priya claims that we both believe this marriage is real, therefore I’ll treat this as a date. He apologizes and asks if the date can be canceled. Nandini has stated that he will not be attending the film. Vedika says yes, his friend, but because his love is in jeopardy, he will not attend the movie. Nandini claims he has no idea you falsified Shashi’s signature. Don’t worry, Vedika replies, I can reproduce Shashi’s signature. Vedika, according to Ajay, is refusing to eat. I’ll see, Priya says. Vedika is living here, according to Akki, and she isn’t seeking to reunite with Shashi. Priya claims that Shashi has raised his hand against her and that he has also wronged her. Akki inquires as to why she feels upset. Tell Ram that you’re crying because you love Shashi and that he can’t beat you. Nandini wonders if you’d send Shivi back to the same residence. He claims that Vedika is the only one who can solve the problem.


Priya relates the story of Meera. You’ve always been strong, according to Ram. I believe Vedika should return to her home, she says.