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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 134

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 134 | 3 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode Begins when Priya was wondering, “What am I thinking about Ram? I shouldn’t be silly, what would he think?” She remembers Ram and her experiences with him. She believes he wishes for everyone to be happy; he claims to be a hero, so he is a hero for everyone, and he despises no one. Ram’s words come to mind. She gives a kind smile. Akki observes and remembers Vedika’s comments. He inquires as to why you are smiling and thinking about somebody. She says, “I always want you to stay around,” but it’s not right if you’re making this decision under duress. He claims his plan is to protect you, that I’m your younger brother, that you tied me Rakhi, and that you should tell me what you were thinking. She remains silent. He leaves.

She believes that attachment leads to sadness and that it should be avoided at all costs. Ram dials Priya’s number. I had a meeting today, he claims. You should have stayed for breakfast, he says. He cracks a joke. She claims that I am realistic and that I don’t comprehend dates and such. He makes fun of her. He argues that now that we’ve acknowledged that this marriage is real, we should do what married people do, like go to the movies or have dinner. He believes she will refuse to listen to me. Okay, she replies, we’ll watch a new movie. Let’s go see an excellent movie, he says. We’ll watch a video about the solar system, she says. He claims that we aren’t old enough to see that. She claims that we should know everything there is to know about the space. He says alright, let’s do it, reserve the tickets, and I’d like nachos, soft drinks, and popcorn. Priya considers purchasing expensive tickets for him. Okay, she says.

Vedika enters the room. Nandini is her signature. Priya receives a call from an unknown number. Vedika rushes up to her and collides with her. She tosses her purse to the ground. Priya apologizes and promises to assist you. She takes a step back and picks up the bangle. Ram discusses the planets and the vastness of space. Adi inquires as to what is going on. Ram claims that Priya is a teacher, and that she will question me about Mars. I’m not sure, but I’m afraid I’ll come across like a loser. Strange, Adi says, you’ve become into SRK, and I, too, have such a dangerous device at home. Priya, according to Ram, is not haughty. He compliments Priya. He claims that I am not accustomed to such attention. This is love, Adi says. Yes, Ram adds, I’m happy to have Priya in my life; it’s altered everything. Akki arrives and begins to gather the items. Nandini wonders where the bracelet went. Vedika believes it simply collapsed. Akki tucks the bracelet behind the rug. Nandini inquires as to your whereabouts. Vedika informs me that I must depart at this time. Shivi interrupts the conversation. Nandini is the one who sends her. Vedika is asked to remain at the rear. Priya explains that she has some things to do and that she will eat breakfast later. She walks away.

Akki departs. Nandini and Vedika are on the lookout for a bangle. Priya will do something with that message, she adds, and you go. Vedika is a type of leaf. Raj is currently at a chaat stall. He dials Mahender’s number. Priya arrives. She takes a look at his phone. They have a disagreement. He allegedly sends me texts and threatens me, according to her. Raj responds, “I’m not sure.” Mahender appears and inquires about your brother’s communication style. She questions how you can speak to your daughter in this manner, why are you sending me threatening messages, stay away from my family and spouse, if you try to hurt Ram, I will forget that you are my father, and you are wrong to believe that you can turn me against Ram. Because of Shivi, Mahender claims Ram is powerless to stay with you. He makes fun of her. She walks away. Vedika grins and thinks Shashi chose the right man, Mahender; this marriage is solely for the sake of Akki and Shivi; I must inform Priya of this.


Ram looks after Priya. Nandini informs him of Vedika’s divorce, and he returns home. Priya, Ram apologizes and asks if we may cancel our date.