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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 133

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 133 | 2 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 133, Nandini asks Shivi not to tell Akki anything because he should think he has opted to stay back. Ram appears. Shivi expressed her want to stay, and Akki stated that he will stay since he loves her. Ram claims to love you, but Akki holds himself in high regard; don’t push him; he will feel at ease. Vedika has been staying at our house for a long time, according to Shivi, and no one has told her anything. Nandini wonders how you can make such a comparison. Ram says I can keep you at home for the rest of your life; Vedika is here on her own volition; I wanted to speak with Mom; how long will Vedika be here? He claims that we should assist Vedika in resuming her life because she will require her own space. Nandini claims Vedika remained silent. Ram claims that she did not inform us that Shashi placed his hand on her, that she will not disclose anything with us, and that as her friend, I was considering gifting her an apartment. Will you oust her? she asks. Ram requests that she speak with Vedika. Nandini says she’ll speak with her. He claims that he spoke with Brinda and that Adi will come up with choices; all he needs to do now is explain herself maturely. Okay, she says. Take Vedika to see the houses, he says. She says I’ll do it, but I’m nervous; you know her well, so you should speak with her. He asks that you take care of it for my sake. She says, “All right, Ram.” He expresses gratitude to her. He believes I am obligated to make it rain for Priya. He enters his room. Priya neatly folds his clothing. He makes a joke about her being a “wonder folder woman.” He dashes to the restroom. She complements me and says he’s intelligent to get me to do his task. She yells at him, saying, “I’ve tied my hair.” He is concerned.

Ajay arrives to assist Priya. He is the one who takes the clothing to the laundromat. Vedika appears and declares that Ram will never change. Nandini told me that Ram is looking for a place for me to stay and that he is getting ready to send me. She considers showing Priya the bangle. We’ll sit for a while, she says. Ram is on the lookout for Priya. Vedika and Priya are having a conversation. She requests that Priya pass the golden box. Priya hands it over to her. Vedika replies, “I know that your marriage means a lot to Ram, that relations matter a lot to him, that obligation takes precedence over love to him.” Priya adds, “I protect my family, I don’t care about other people’s likes and dislikes, everyone has the right to have an opinion about me, and you don’t have to explain yourself to me.” Vedika wonders what you’ll do if you see the bangle I’m wearing. The bangle is knocked off. Priya receives a call from Ajay. Priya selects the box and takes it home. She walks away.


Priya claims Brinda is normal, but when I’m around Vedika, I get the feeling I’m on the hot seat. On her bed, she notices a damp towel. She goes to Ram and inquires about it. Will you maintain your pledge if he claims it will rain today? She says, “First make it rain,” “Stop acting like a hero,” and “I’m not coming in your words.” Okay, he says. He chuckles. She requests that you assist her in cleaning. He gets her into the shower with him. He claims it’s raining. She claims that you are squandering water. It’s raining, he says, so keep your pledge. This, she claims, is the next level of foolishness. You promised me you wouldn’t break anyone’s heart, he says. She wonders if I’ve mentioned this before. But why will I do this, she asks. He says it’s because you’re like that. She believes he is lying if he has used his coupon. I know you always follow your promises, he says. He believes she is recalling everything. He expects her to declare me a liar. She wonders why she isn’t outraged that he lied to her, what happened to her, and whether she likes it all.


He is halted by her. They take pleasure in the shower. Ye baarish….performs… They’re locked in a staredown. She turns off the water in the shower. She claims that a lot of water has been wasted, therefore we’ll leave right now. He takes her hand in his and says, “Thank you, Priya, for trusting me and letting me do whatever I want.” She leaves. He gives a warm smile. You truly want me to go, Vedika says. Nandini declares, “I want our plan to work, and I’ll go to any length to make it happen.” She says you’ll wait for Ram to leave for work, then take the bag down, act as if you’ve become a burden, collide with Priya, and then this bangle will fall out by accident. I’ll pretend I picked the bangle to hide, Vedika replies. Nandini says I’ll say I’m sorry Ram lied, Priya will question him, and he’ll still lie; he’ll say the truth I told him. Vedika beams.



In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 133’s Promo, Priya receives a text message. Raj is chastised by her. Mahender has arrived. She inquires about the menacing texts. Priya and Vedika clash. The bangle is noticed by Priya.