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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 131

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 131 | 28 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Akki about to knock on Vedika’s door when he overhears Priya searching for Ram. Nandini goes into hiding. Akki tells Priya that if Ram is talking to Adi, she should go rest. From there, Akki picks up Priya. Nandini smiles, thinking that now Akki will also lie about Ram to Priya, and you will do the big reveal. Vedika motions for Ram to sit, but he declines, saying, “I’m going to Priya, she might need something.” Nandini enters and says, “I wanted to speak with Vedika.” Vedika apologizes to Ram for wasting your day today. Ram says it’s fine. Ram’s horns. Nandini claims Akki saw Ram enter your room. They are both smiling. Priya tells Akki to go to bed. I just came to get ice cream for Shivi, says Akki. Priya claims that these brother and sister duo are always hungry at midnight. Ram appears just as Akki is about to leave. Priya came out looking for you, according to Akki, so I took her inside. Ram expresses gratitude to Akki. Akki departs.

Ram is about to explain when Priya interrupts, saying, “No need to explain, I need one help, if your client ever lies to you, how do you get things out of him?” Ram asks, “What happened?” Priya claims that someone in college is in need of advice. Ram says, “I’ll tell you what, sometimes people hide things because of circumstances.” Ram tells Priya about one of his clients and how his behavior changed and he couldn’t focus on work; he was like me except he was a foodie, so I took him to a restaurant and then asked him what happened. He then spilled the beans. Ram days are when you put the person in a comfortable situation so that he tells you everything. So, according to Priya, everything must be completed on time? Ram says yes, but why are you inquiring if everything is fine? Priya remains silent. Ram notices Priya’s chuda and remarks, “It seems like only yesterday you started wearing this chuda, and now it will be removed tomorrow.” Priya claims that these chuda have become habitual. Ram thinks it’s great to see how far we’ve come. Ram believes I promised you, Priya, that I would tell you everything soon. Priya believes I should investigate how I can use Ram’s technique to extract the reason for his lie. She considers the coupons he hasn’t used yet and realizes that there is still time to wait in the rain, so she decides to use it.


Shivi and Akki discuss the weather forecast for the next day at breakfast. Ram acts as if he doesn’t want rain because Priya despises rain. Priya believes that if it rains, she will be able to carry out her plan. Mr. Kapoor, Priya says it’s a good thing if it rains because you can use that coupon of yours. Ram believes Priya forgot I had already used it, but it’s fine because I can use it again. Nandini arrives and asks Shivi to begin the preparations, so she and Akki depart. Akki receives the kangan from the jeweller. Akki checks the box, which contains two kangans, and Vedika takes the box and bill, making Akki suspicious. Vedika chooses the box.


While the preparations are being made, Vedika approaches Adi and Vikrant and asks them not to plan any drinks before the puja. Sara and Brinda notice this and wonder if we should take Vedika out of the picture; let’s make a plan. Priya hears them planning and asks, “Plan what?” Can’t we plan, says Brinda? Priya says she’d like to plan something as well. What does Brinda say? Priya says, “For Ram, the weather forecast predicts rain, and since Ram enjoys rain, I want to do something.” Sara and Brinda tease Priya about being mesmerized by Ram as he walks in.


Shivi brings the puja thaal, and the puja begins, with everyone coming and removing Priya’s bangles beginning with Nandini. Ram recalls all of his and Priya’s pre-wedding rituals. He cracks a smile. Shivi apologizes to Priya di that he does not have a gift. Priya says she only wants one thing from you in order for her and Akki to be happy together. Everyone gives them gifts until Ram appears and says, “I, too, have a gift.” Priya, Ram says, these are my mother’s bangles, which my father made when he didn’t have much money, and I want you to have them. Ram warns that if you stare at him, he will become emotional. Ram becomes emotional and asks Priya if he can force her to wear it. Priya gives a nod. Ram opens the box, revealing one bangle. Akki wonders where the second one is, and if Vedika took it. Mami claims that this is only one bangle; where is the other? Everyone is curious.

Precap – Ram requests that Nandini ask Vedika to leave the Kapoor mansion. Ram considers making fake rain for Priya. Nandini requests that Vedika leave the house for her own good.