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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 130

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 130 | 24 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vedika saying, “I’m not close to your wife; don’t waste your time with me; you go.” Ram inquires as to how I intend to proceed. She invites him to accompany her. Okay, he says, I’ll get you some tissues. She believes you became emotional after seeing me; go to Priya and show her. Nandini requests that Priya contact her after the appointment. She exclaims, “Wonderful, Ram and Vedika are together, Priya went alone.” When she sees Akki approaching, she asks, “What are you doing, Bhabhi? You’re always eating.” Akki comes to a halt.

Ram hands over the tissues. Vedika expresses gratitude to him. Why didn’t you tell me all of this, he wonders. She says, “I thought I was fine, but sometimes it happens,” and she doesn’t know what happened to her. He asks, “Do you still love Shashi?” He says, “Tell me, I won’t judge you, love doesn’t require logic.” You can tell me if I didn’t look back, he says. She says, “Leave me alone on my state,” and she walks away. She decides to take action right away.


She appears dizzy. He motions for her to take a seat. Mami disagrees with Nandini. Nandini requests that Akki inform Mami about a healthy diet. Akki claims she is correct; you are eating chocolates and chips, which causes a great deal of distress. Mami asks him to stop talking. Nandini claims he has the legal right to say, “You be quiet.” She requests that Akki provide her with a diet plan. He claims that nothing will happen if you eat healthy and lose weight. Nandini suggests that you become her personal trainer and provide her with a diet plan. He takes a seat.


She believes that if you stay at home and see Ram and Vedika together, you will feel bad for Priya. Priya claims I’ve arrived by myself. Sara calls her and asks if she got there and if Ram arrived. Priya responds, “Yes, I spoke with him, and he will be there, don’t worry.” Sara responds, “Fine.” I’ll notify the doctor if Ram arrives, and you two will meet together, says the nurse. Priya considers calling Ram. The nurse inquires as to whether Ram arrived. Priya says no, that he might not come.


She believes I am always lonely. Akki provides a diet plan. Shivi claims you are recommending a vegetarian diet to her. Nandini wonders where Ram and Vedika are. I’ll go check the door, says Akki. They notice Vedika. Vedika claims I went outside. Ajay claims that he brought Vedika home on Ram’s orders. Nandini is taken aback. Akki inquires if everything is all right. Nandini inquires about Ram’s whereabouts. Akki claims he would have chosen Priya. Yes, Vedika says, he went with Priya, and I need to rest.


Priya is instructed by the nurse to complete the exercise as soon as possible. She drives her to Dr. Khanna’s office. Priya notices Ram. Ram claims that I was late. She claims you’ll be at the office. He says I’ll say it. She wonders if you’ll lie again. The doctor and the nurse will go over the blood test results, according to the nurse. He inquires as to why, and if there is anything else. She claims I don’t have any information. He chastises the nurse. Priya says, “We’ll ask the doctor,” and you leave. She asks Ram to calm down. She believes he is concerned because, if he is concerned about me, he would not have lied to me. She requests that he calm down. He claims that the doctor will tell him that Priya is fine and that he should relax. The doctor arrives. She inquires about reports. Ram says I’ll show the reports to Dr. Sinha; please notify me. Relax, says the doctor, we have the reports. Ram says, “Tell me quickly.” Everything is fine, according to the doctor, so there is no need to be concerned. Ram thinks this is ridiculous, and I’m worried about what’s going on here. I’m sorry, says the doctor. Ram claims you aggravated the situation. She claims he told her, “I’m fine, relax.” He takes the anti-stress medication. Ram mentions how tense Priya was. She responds, “Yes, the doctor has seen it, thank you, and please come.” Ram says, “Explain to the nurse to talk like that,” and I’m not tensed. They walk away.


Vedika is working on something. Nandini inquires of Ram about Priya’s well-being. Ram agrees, but Vedika is upset; she is heartbroken. She claims that she sometimes forgets Shashi is her husband. He claims that he was late to meet Priya, but when he saw Vedika crying, he felt compelled to stay with her. She inquires as to what Priya said. He claims I did not inform her. She inquires if you kept this from your wife. He apologizes. She tells you to go tell her. Because I don’t lie, he says I’ll have to tell her. She says, “I know Ram,” and that this isn’t a lie, but rather Vedika’s truth. He claims Vedika does not want me to tell Priya that you are talking to her. She says, “Come on, we’ll talk to her.” Vedika is waiting for him. Nandini says we won’t be able to talk to her tomorrow. He’s correct, he says. She says, “I got Shivi’s message; please stay here; I’ll just come.” She walks away. Ram mulls over how to tell Priya. Priya reflects on Mahender’s words. Ram tells Priya… Vedika calls out to him, saying, “You’re here, you want to help me, but you’re worried about Priya.” He says, “I promise, she won’t interfere in your life,” and that he needs to tell her why he arrived late. She says, “Listen to me once, and then come inside.” He says it’s late and that we’ll talk tomorrow. She leads him into her room. Akki notices this. Nandini cracks a smile. Akki wonders what Ram is doing there. Nandini believes Akki will be convinced of their relationship once he sees the bangles in Chuda rasam.



Akki notices Ram presenting the bangle to Priya. He inquires about the two bangles Vedika received. Ram inquires, “Would you like something from me?” Priya suggests that you ask Vedika to leave the house.