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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 129

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 129 | 23 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Maitri asking Priya for assistance. Mahender says I’ll contact Meera. He is stopped by Priya and Sara. He says, “I’m sure Priya will make everything right.” Ram dials Priya’s number. He asks, “Where are you? I’m on my way to pick you up.” She responds, “No, don’t come; I’ll meet you at the clinic.” No, he says, I’m coming. No, she says, I’ll meet you there. He inquires as to your well-being. She agrees. He says the physiotherapist is nice; I asked her to take care of you; it’s a good thing the accident wasn’t serious; everything will be fine now; forget it; you’ll be my BFF soon. She claims we aren’t schoolchildren; don’t say this to Sara. He says I’ll soon make you my BFF, that when your intentions are good, you always win, and that I always tell the truth. Nandini claims Ram has an emotional connection with Priya and that we will use the bangle because the success of our plan is dependent on it. Vedika claims that because Akki has seen me wearing the bangles, he will find it strange if he sees Priya wearing them. Vedika says we’ll be gone by tomorrow morning. Nandini agrees that we will put Ram’s emotions to the test. Vedika says you’re referring to a physio appointment, and Ram won’t accompany Priya, leaving me alone here. Priya reflects on Mahender’s words. She believes I have always lost, that I never win, and that you have also lost because of me. Maitri inquires, “What did Ram say? He doesn’t like Neeraj; will Ram assist me?” Right, Priya says Neeraj is innocent. Yes, Maitri says, he swore on me, and I know you both have a bad relationship. Priya says I’ll assist. Maitri expresses gratitude. Mahender invites her to come inside. He says Maitri will be happy now, that you deleted my video, that you care a lot about your sisters, that Neeraj will return home soon, that the police got the wrong information, that it was another Neeraj, and that they caught this Neeraj. She inquires as to why you are inflicting pain on Maitri. He claims that I love those who love me, that I won, that I always win, and that you always lose to me. She claims it isn’t true. He claims you are now Ram’s wife. She responds, “Yes, he is my husband; you did not win, and you will be sorry if you are seen around Ram.” He walks away. Sara says the inspector said they arrested another Neeraj for the fraud, but don’t worry, we’ll see Mahender, go to Ram, and surprise him. Priya is leaving.

Ram is on his way to you. He converses with Adi. He says I’ll make a decision based on how Priya feels after physiotherapy. Vedika, says Adi… Ram claims that I’m not hiding anything from Priya because she doesn’t want to know about my past. Your past, according to Adi, is with you. Ram claims she is assisting in bringing Priya and me closer together. Adi inquires if this is correct. Ram says she is happy for me because she organized the kachoris and came up with the Chuda rasam idea, and she cares about me. Something is wrong, according to Adi. Ram notices Vedika outside the flower shop and informs her that she is in tears. He walks over to her. He inquires as to your well-being. Yes, she says, I’m fine. He expresses concern for you. She says, “My life has become a joke, I left you and married Shashi, I loved him, what did I get, I got punished,” and that if you tell Priya you’re with someone else, she’ll be upset. Priya arrives at the office. She doesn’t notice Ram. She dials Ram’s number. She inquires as to your whereabouts. Ram apologizes, saying that he will be late because he had an urgent meeting. Okay, she says, I’ll go there by myself. He claims I was so preoccupied that I couldn’t leave the cabin, so I’m wrapping up the meeting. She inquires as to your whereabouts. He claims I’m in the cabin. She hangs up the phone. Vedika sends a message to someone. Priya questions why Ram is deceiving her. She receives Vedika’s message on her private number. She thinks I’m becoming emotionally dependent on him; what’s the point of coming here and asking for his help, and why did he lie to me? Ram appears and inquires if I have lied to you up to this point. She says, “No, I’m imagining you, and I’m wondering why I came to ask for help.” He says you miss me, you trust me, talk to me, or else how will this chasm close? She claims he lied to her, so I’m not going to talk to him.



Akki notices Vedika removing the bangles. Nandini takes off her bangles. Priya receives the bangles from Akki. Akki approaches Vedika and asks for the bangles she received from the jeweller.