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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 128

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 128 | 23 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya calling Mahender and asking him to meet her at the bakery or else she will call the cops. Priya, according to Shashi. When Mahender says yes, she must decide what she will do, whether she will blame Neeraj and put Maitri in danger. Shashi predicts that it will be enjoyable. Priya claims Ram’s gift will be beneficial to me. Ram is in the office with Adi. He requests that Tarun deliver it to the cabin. Adi inquires. Ram says he wants to give Priya her mother’s ancestral bangles in her Chuda rasam. Adi appears and expresses her desire for glass bangles rather than gold ones. Nandini comes in and says she’ll like it a lot, you should have told me, I can’t ever get upset with you, its good, we should give the ancestral bangles to bahus, Priya is a good bahu, I hope these bangles strengthen your and Priya’s relationship. He embraces her. She believes Priya must leave this house. Ram expresses gratitude to her.

Priya goes out to get coffee for Mahender. She claims she has no evidence that you caused the accident on Lohri night. Sara takes notes on their conversation. Priya provokes Mahender and forces him to confess to his crime. She says, “I’m Ram’s wife, and I regret that women are known by their father and husband’s names; you were proud of this, and I will put you in jail; no one will get you out.” Mahender says, “Shut up, I wish I had killed you when you were born.” He claims Ram misbehaved with him, and that I was about to push his car off a cliff that night when you appeared, and that I was surprised to see you there, and that I regret that you were saved. She claims you’re a murderer. He claims that I was unable to save you and Ram. She chastises him. He notices Sara videotaping their conversation. He claims you’re starting to resemble her. He raises his hand. Priya takes his hand in hers. He says, “Run wherever you want, I’ll get you punished.” Mahender compares you to your mother. Priya is cursed by him.

Sara predicts that you’ll be in jail soon. He walks away. Priya embraces Sara. Nandini and everyone inquire about the old bangles with the jeweler. Akki arrives. Priya agrees with Nandini when she says that old things have feelings. Priya values emotions, not things, according to Akki. She claims that I am familiar with her. Keep my wife away from all of this, says Shubham. Vedika says it’s for Ram and Priya, not you; Ram, like you, enjoys antiques. I’ll polish the bangles and get it, says the man. Vedika is wearing it. Please don’t wear it because Akki says it’s for Priya. Nandini believes you are correct, Vedika, but why did you wear it? According to Vedika, I was just checking the size; it will be polished. Shivi says I haven’t eaten Chinese in a long time, so let’s go. She chooses Akki. Nandini declares the task completed.


Ram gives everyone a treat and says, “I’m happy, I feel everything is going well.” Adi inquires if Priya said anything. Priya and Sara make their way to the police station. Sara claims Ram may end his relationship with us; forgive Mahender; he will not do this again. Priya says no, we will not always sacrifice. Sara claims he will not change, but you will lose everything if you do not care. Priya says she accepts any punishment, that it is wrong to conceal such a heinous crime, that if anything happens to Ram, she will fall in her eyes, that truth is bitter, but truth is truth. Neeraj is escorted there. They are taken aback when they see him. According to the inspector, he committed a major fraud. Priya receives a call from Mahender. He threatens her life and the life of Maitri. Ram claims that everything is fine. Vikrant says yes, but Vedika isn’t supposed to be here. Ram claims that Priya has stated that she has no interest, and that he wishes to gain her trust. You tricked me into making the recording, Mahender says, because you think I’ll let you win. He chastises her. She refuses to give you the recording. Maitri appears, weeping for Neeraj. She claims he enjoys his job and has not committed any fraud. Mahender says Priya will assist you because she is Ram’s wife and is now wealthy.



Priya warned Mahender. Nandini believes our strategy will be successful. Priya dials Ram’s number. He claims I’m in office. She says why he is deceiving me.