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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 127

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 127 | 22 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya searching for Ram. She inquires as to where he has gone. She is concerned about him. Pavan comes over to get her breakfast. She inquires about Ram’s whereabouts. He claims he went out to work. She inquires if he called right now. Yes, he says. She says, “Thank God, he’s fine,” but she wonders, “Why does he go this way? I’m worried about him.” Ram claims that he knows Priya and that she will not ask him. Vedika promises to look for you. He says it will be a relief for her, and he thanks her for doing it. She says it’s fine because you went to buy a dress and ended up buying the entire store. He claims that everyone is family, that I have to buy for everyone, and that he did not buy anything for you. She says, “I don’t want anything, I have a good friend like you, I’m lucky,” referring to the fact that we did not purchase anything for Priya. He claims that Priya does not prefer expensive clothing and that she looks good in whatever she wears. They walk away.

Akki and Shivi have a conversation. Priya is aware of them. She believes that things are returning to normal between them. Vedika tells Shivi about the bangle removal rasam. She says you can also give Priya a gift, which is a good reason. He responds, “Well, when can we do this?” Shashi used to do this for me because I don’t have parents, she says tomorrow. I don’t want new clothes, according to Akki. Mami mocks him. Priya suggests hugging Mami and showing her that you’re not smelling. Akki requests that Mami hug him. Mami takes off. Ram and Vedika return home. They’ve all noticed the shopping bags. I didn’t know what Akki liked, so I got this, according to Ram. Mami says the bill is 4 lakhs. No, Ram says, it’s 40000 rs. He is terrified of Priya. He says I was thinking of buying something local, but Vedika took me there. Akki is Priya’s brother, and he doesn’t like brands. According to Vedika, Ram called and the mall opened. Priya tells Akki to keep what she wants and Ram will return the rest of the items. Shivi thinks Akki will look great in these outfits. Ram claims that his mother has arrived. Nandini inquires if you purchased items for everyone. Ram responds, “Yes, I’ll go now, I’m hungry.” He inquires as to whether Priya will be present. Priya has indicated that she will accompany me. Nandini asks Akki not to believe her. Mami notices the lovely bracelet. Vedika says, “I saw this and I think Ram bought it for me because he has a big heart.” Mami says that despite the fact that it appears to be expensive, it will suit you. Vedika claims Ram told her he didn’t know what Priya wanted, so he didn’t buy anything for her. Akki is aware of them. Ram and Priya are having a good time in the room. Ram says my shirt button broke, but it’s okay because I’ll give this shirt to Tarun. She claims that I am capable of resolving the problem. She replaces the button. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage….sings…. Ram says, “I know what to get you that will make you happy,” and that this phone is also a gift. He walks away. Ram, she believes, has a great deal of concern for everyone. Maitri is following Neeraj.


Neeraj approaches Shashi and threatens him. Shashi claims you did it yourself. Maitri believes Neeraj committed the fraud. Shashi requests that Neeraj enlist the assistance of his wife. Shivi brings Akki the food. Akki inquires, “What are you doing?” and “Do you want to make me a Ghar jamai?” She declines. Priya arrives for dinner. Nandini requests that Priya explain Akki. Priya says tomorrow is my bangles removal rasam, Shivi will do it, and she will stay for a day. Ok, says Akki, I’ll stay tonight. Shivi thanks Akki and says she adores her. Nandini and Vedika leave with a smile. Shivi takes notes on Akki’s words. Akki wonders what this is. She says she’s taking notes as proof. He asks, “Why are you doing this? You’re so naughty; it’s not fair to record someone without their consent.” She claims she did this to persuade you to reconsider your decision. Priya beams. Akki has informed me that I will not be staying tonight. Shivi claims I should have this proof, which he can’t deny.


Priya makes Mahender into confessing his crime. The confession is recorded by Sara. On Sara, he raises his hand. Priya stop Mahendra.