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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 126

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 126 | 21 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Meera crying and apologizing to Priya. Ram says the doctor is on his way. Shivi may be pregnant, according to Mami. Shivi is examined by the doctor. Vedika apologizes profusely. Ram says it’s fine. Shivi is examined by the doctor. He inquires as to what she ate. Mami claims she drank kiwi juice. According to the doctor, she is allergic to Kiwi. Ram inquires as to who fed it to Shivi. The doctor says she needs to rest. Ram says, “I’m there, thank you.” The doctor has left.

Akki tells Shivi to rest and that he will return home. Shivi begs him not to leave or she will return home. Ram advises you to rest. Shivi requests that you stay for my sake. Ram invites Akki to stay. Okay, one night, says Akki. Vedika believes Nandini devised a sound strategy. We won’t let Akki go like this, she says. Shivi says, “Mom, you’re too good,” and adds, “I also did good acting.” Ram, according to Nandini, should not be aware of this. Shivi is asked to rest by her.


Sandy inquires, “What?” I had no idea. Ram appears. Sara inquires as to why you told Ram about kachoris. She says you don’t know when Priya last touched the kachoris, but whenever dad went to meet Rakhi, he used to get kachoris for us, and those kachoris are poison for Priya. Sandy claims that I could never think of hurting Priya. She sobs. Sara says everything is fine, and Priya doesn’t say anything. Ram notices this. Priya says I’m not going to tell Ram. Meera wonders why, Ram is your husband, and you will only have happiness ahead of you; what will Ram think if he finds out about the kachoris? Priya says it’s not necessary to tell anyone because Ram doesn’t know everything. Meera inquires, “What happened?” “Tell me, swear on me.” Priya claims Ram wanted to cause Ram’s accident, but I got in the way… This wasn’t an accident; I overheard Mahender talking on the phone about doing Ram’s accident. Meera sobs and wonders what will happen to us next; it’s a devilish thing, I can’t believe it. Priya says I can’t put Mahender in jail because what would Ram and his family think of this crime? Meera sobs.


She claims he isn’t human, so why did I lack the courage to take him away? Priya comforts her. Meera inquires as to what happened to Priya. A glass shatters. Priya’s imagination shatters. I can’t tell her anything because she thinks mum will cry. Ram appears. Priya claims that the glass fell down due to my error. Meera attempts to pick it up. Ram says, “I don’t like it anyway, leave it, and I’ll pick it up.”


Ram calls Tarun and requests that he clean the glass shards. Meera says, “I’m going now, Priya.” Ram hugs her and believes he has unknowingly scratched your old wounds. Ram goes to change his clothes. Priya sobs, thinking, “I understand your intent, so I’m silent, Mahender will be punished.” The presence of the police in the house surprises Neeraj and Maitri. He inquires as to how you came in. Inspector says you committed a bank fraud and should confess or face jail time. Maitri inquires as to what kind of fraud he is referring to. The inspector instructs him to come to the police station and make a statement. He walks away. Neeraj claims that I did not commit any fraud and that someone is attempting to frame me. Shashi, Ram’s friend, says Maitri. Shashi receives a phone call. He claims that by providing a tip to the police, Neeraj was apprehended. Mahender claims that he will not spare Priya. Priya falls asleep. Ram expresses his regret. Shivi and Akki looked good together, according to Priya. Ram says yes, Shivi became ill, and she is staying here with Akki; don’t say his self-esteem will suffer as a result. She says, “I don’t say,” but “I want him to be happy, and they should be together.” Yes, he says. They take a seat. She thinks to herself, “Who am I to say this? I only have to keep you safe from Mahender and others.” Mainu jeelene de…enjoys… He takes her hand in his.



Priya says Mahender can try to recreate the accident again. Yes, Mahender says, I was going to do Ram’s accident, and I was surprised to see you. Sara keeps a record of his crime confession. He notices Sara.