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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 125

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 125 | 18 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram arriving and dancing for everyone. Priya gives a cheerful smile. Mahender claims that Priya overheard everything and got in my way, and that Vedika has blamed Akki on you. Priya’s weakness is her family, she will send you to jail again, and if past secrets are revealed, it will be a problem, according to Shashi. No, says Mahender, it shouldn’t come out. Shashi advises, “Just do what I say.” Brinda sends her best wishes and hugs to Ram. Ram notices Priya. Akki describes you as her “forever valentines.” Priya claims that everything is an excuse. Yes, he says, it’s a marketing ploy. She inquires if you are making fun of me. He says no, but no one dares to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Sara observes that they appear to be content. Priya wonders why Ram is staring at her; perhaps he is making fun of her. Vedika inquires of Ram, “Did you get kachoris?” Ram claims that I have a plan. She says her family is here, and they should see how much you care for her. He says he doesn’t want to show them and thanks you for your understanding. He walks over to Priya. His companions try to hear him. Ram apologizes for being late.

Priya claims it’s Akki and Shivi’s job. They’re having a discussion. Akki and Shivi both smile as they watch. Ram says, “I’ve got a surprise for you; you’ll like it when I become a hero.” Nandini is concerned and says, “Attention everyone, we families had a difficult journey, but I want to thank someone, Meera ji, I also want to thank Priya, Priya has done a lot to keep the family united, I didn’t know Ram was ahead of me, Ram has planned something for you already, its special day for Akki and Shivi, but its also for Ram and Priya.” Priya inquires. Ram inquires. Nandini says, “I’m Ram’s mother; I’ve fast forwarded his plan; I know what Priya likes; I’ll get it.” The kachoris packet is visible to all. Nandini requests that Ram accompany her. Sara says, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” Meera is concerned and says these kachories have broken her heart. Ram claims to have discovered Priya’s favorite food, masala onion kachoris, which he describes as “amazing.” Sara predicts that Priya will become enraged.


Ram says, “I agree with you that Valentine’s Day is a marketing gimmick.” Brinda believes that a husband should be like Ram. Ram orders the kachori for Priya. Nandini and Vedika exchange pleasantries. Priya sobs as she remembers telling Meera about Mahender’s affair. She recalls Ram’s words. Ram requests it from Priya. Priya expresses gratitude to Ram. Nandini and Vedika are taken aback. Priya consumes the kachori. Vedika wonders what happened to Priya and why she didn’t say anything. Meera claims that Priya learned to hide her grief. Sara claims she does not want to inflict any harm on Ram. Everyone applauds Ram for obtaining the kachoris after the shop had closed. Vedika claims that we have lost yet again. Nandini says no, those kachoris have hurt Priya, and she will believe Ram will leave her for another woman; step 2 will be tomorrow, when we will separate Ram and Priya. Shivi becomes dizzy. Everyone is rushing to her.



Those kachoris, according to Sara, remind Priya of her father’s cheating. Ram notices this. Priya claims Ram isn’t fully aware of the situation. Meera inquires, “What do you mean, tell me?” Priya claims Mahender intended to murder Ram. Meera is taken aback. Ram expresses his regret. Priya inquires as to why.