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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 124

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 124 | 17 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya saying that everyone will be waiting for you. Ram says, “I have an urgent meeting with a client, and I will be there shortly.” Ram promises that I will arrive soon. She assures me that everything is fine. He inquires, “Did you get ready for the party?” “Did you tie your hair?” “I didn’t tie my hair,” I say, “but it’s fine.” Bye, she says, and we’ll meet at the party. Sara arrives. Priya claims, “I’m not at ease in this style.” She lets her hair down and thinks of Ram. She gives a warm smile. Everyone is invited to the party. Meera expresses her happiness by saying, “I’m very happy today.” She takes Nandini’s hand in hers and promises that the events of the past will have no bearing on Shivi and Akki’s lives. Nandini beams. Brinda inquires about the house’s bahu. Sara claims that we had prepared Priya. Brinda inquires about Ram’s whereabouts.

Vikrant claims that due to bad weather, the flight will be unable to land. Ram insists that I leave for Priya’s sake. Vikrant inquires, “What can we do in this weather?” Ram claims that Priya put in a lot of effort to make the cake for me; why can’t I do the same for her? Vedika says, “I’ll call Ram and tell him I’ve prepared the kachoris.” Akki appears. She tucks the kachoris away. I’ve come to get some water, he says. She apologizes, saying that it was because of me that Shashi was apprehended. He leaves.


The kachoris are kept in the cupboard. She inquires about Ram’s whereabouts. Shivi grins. When Akki sees her, he smiles. I don’t believe this, Nandini says, did Shivi get this guy in the entire world, no one can beat me in today’s plan. Shubham arrives. Is the doctor available? she inquires. Yes, what’s going on, he says. Priya enters the room. Akki approaches her and gives her a hug. He expresses his gratitude by saying, “I just want you to be happy.” Priya inquires about Ram’s whereabouts. She thinks I prepared for him and he didn’t show up; he’s in a meeting, so I’m not going to wait for him. Vedika dials Ram’s number and inquires, “Where are you?” Everyone is waiting for you. He claims that he was late and that he will arrive. She claims that she has prepared the kachoris that Priya enjoys. What does he want to know? She says yes, I’ve arranged it, I’ll assist him, and it’s fine if you get it as well. He says you’re a treasure, and he thanks you. She tells me to go home and feed Priya the kachoris. I’m really looking forward to seeing Priya’s reaction, he says. She claims that she can help you with anything. He says, “Thank you for making me so happy.” I’m excited, too, she says, and I’m looking forward to seeing her reaction. He expresses gratitude to her.


Nandini is signed by Vedika. Nandini apologizes and says, “I’ll just come.” I overheard Meera and Priya’s sisters talking, and these kachoris are a sign of Priya’s old wounds. I told Ram that I am his well-wisher, and I want to help him, and he is ecstatic. Nandini says, “Keep helping Ram; he won’t realize you’re breaking his relationship.” I’m trying, Vedika says. Nandini expresses her delight at seeing your plan. Vedika inquires about her plans. Nandini instructs her to wait and observe. Ram, according to Vikrant, organized the kachoris. Brinda wonders aloud, “How?” I’m very happy for him, he says. He is a hero, she claims, and he can accomplish anything. He suggests that we do something for him, and I have a suggestion. They exchange a friendly smile.


Shivi thinks I was a fool. Yes, Akki says. Priya says don’t tease her; she’s serious; it was a difficult time; we must be prepared for such challenges; love is simple; keeping it is difficult. He is correct. Ram would be planning a surprise, but he is boring, not romantic, and he would be busy with work, so I don’t want Priya to expect anything. Priya, he claims, never expects anything from anyone. Priya believes I will refuse to get ready the next time, that Ram will arrive exhausted, and that all of this was unnecessary. Priya has never celebrated Valentine’s Day, according to Ram, but that will change now. On Salaam e ishq, Shivi and Akki dance. They’re all doing it. Ram goes out to buy flowers and thinks about Priya. He is driven to the party by Adi. Ram appears and performs a song for Priya. This is what she imagines. Adi appears and shows Priya Ram. Ram is accompanied by a rose.



Nandini claims Ram has prepared special kachoris for you. Priya accepts Ram’s request. Shivi becomes dizzy and faints. Everyone is rushing to her aid.