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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 123

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 123 | 16 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya confronting Mahender about the murder. She says, “I heard your conversations; why did you want to hurt Ram?” Adi says Brinda got your favorite brownies, which Vikrant was eating. Ram says, “Fine, eat it; I’ll order more later.” Brinda reports that Sara did not attend; did you impress Priya? Ram says, “No, I’m not sure how I’m going to do this.” Vikrant claims you were the college romance king. Priya, according to Brinda, will not be pleased with these cheap tricks. Ram confirms that she constantly chastises me. They both laugh. We like this Ram, according to Adi. Ram adds, “Me, too, stop staring.” Brinda claims that no one will look at Ram. Ram departs. Brinda says it’s Ram and Priya’s first valentine, and he’s in a good mood. Sandy greets Ram, saying, “Sir, you are my boss here in the office.” Ram says he has some brownies for you. She requests it from him. He inquires as to how I can make Priya smile. She chuckles.

Mahender inquires as to how you intend to approach the police and whether you have proof. Priya says no, but I’ll find it for you. He chastises her. He claims Ram is uninterested in you. She claims you always curse me, but mum’s blessings are greater than your curse, and you have failed in ruining my life. He asks why I would do that when I have this for you.


Sandy reports that Priya enjoyed the Jaipur kachori. Ram inquires earnestly. Sandy agrees. He claims that Priya never told him about it. She claims she hasn’t eaten it in a long time. He inquires as to why. Priya claims I left these kachoris. Mahender inquires, “Why?” I got it for Raj and thought I’d get it for you as well. She says I was wrong to think you should return; we’re fine without you; I used to like the kachoris; and you want to remind me that you used to go to Jaipur to meet Rakhi. He says yes, she knew she had to keep me happy, you threatened Raj, so I’ve come to remind you where you belong, who I am, and what I can become. He walks away. She sobs.


Vedika says it’s Valentine’s Day today, Ram; I’m sure you planned something for Priya, but you didn’t ask for my assistance. He says no, which is a little awkward. She responds, “Fine, tell me your plan.” He says Priya likes Kachoris, so I’m going to Jaipur to get some for her. It’s just a small gesture. She says, “Wow, Ram, Priya is lucky to have you; let me know if you need anything.” Adi calls him and tells him that he needs to come up right away. Vedika says, “I’m sure Brinda and her team will assist Ram, but I have to do something.” Adi apologizes, saying that this will not be possible. Ram declares, “I want those kachoris.” Vikrant and Kunal agree that we will go get it. Ram says I’ll go, and you should all go to the meeting. Vikrant says no, but they said they wanted you. Ram and Shivi, according to Adi, will not be ready on time. Priya, according to Ram, will get ready and then wait for me. They both laugh.


Priya weeps bitterly. Sara and Meera arrive. Priya assures me that I am fine. Meera notices the kachoris and inquires as to what they are. Priya mentions Jaipur’s kachoris. Sara inquires as to why he has come. Meera claims that this is because Priya informed Raj that she intends to sell the bakery. Priya claims he came to mock us. Sara suspects they discussed the accident. Meera sobs. He got the kachoris, she says, to remind you of the past. Meera is consoled by Sara and Priya. Priya hands Ajay the kachoris and tells him to give them to the poor children. Vedika smiles as she takes the kachoris from Ajay. She wonders how this happened so quickly, Ram is getting the kachoris she despises the most, and they are about to hurt each other. She claims that these kachoris will remind Priya that her father abandoned her mother for another woman, and that love is a sham.


Priya instructs Meera to forget about the past. Sara says yes, she is correct, we have nothing to offer him, no tears or pain, we will not accept his name, his curses will never harm us, Raavan does not win, Ram does. Priya wonders if he will ever win. Sara declines. Meera predicts that he will lose. Sara instructs Priya to forget everything for the time being.

Ram is preoccupied with the meeting. Ram, according to Adi, is a business tycoon who can do anything for his family. He cracks a smile. Everyone applauds Ram. Ram notices Priya’s photo. He cracks a smile. Adi receives a phone call. He makes his way to Ram. He claims they did not receive the kachoris. Ram expresses regret that the meeting must be rescheduled. The customers have left. Ram inquires, “Didn’t they try?” Adi informs me that the shop is closed. Ram says I need to go get a charter plane because you know how important it is for my Priya. He walks away. Priya wonders why you dressed me up so strangely. Sara thinks you’re stunning. Meera believes you should appear newlywed. Priya says it’s Shivi’s birthday today, and I look like a fool. Meera says, “I’m your mother, you’re not my mother, get ready, and come into reception.” Sara says we’ll go get ready as well. They walk away. Ram congratulates you on accepting my gift. Priya inquires if you called to say this. Ram predicts that I will be late today. She inquires as to what, why…



Ram performs a song for Priya. Priya’s bad memories, according to Vedika, are symbolized by these kachoris. Priya accepts Ram’s kachori. She sobs.