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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 122

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 122 | 15 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram arrives at Priya at the opening of the episode. He tries to communicate with her. He says there is no one who can help, but I can send Mami to help, or I can hand you the phone and tell you to call someone; I can assist you. He considers assisting. Meera, he claims, has forgiven me. Priya claims that my forgiveness isn’t significant. He says, “Take your time, give it from your heart,” and that he can assist you. He is the one who helps her with her hand and forehead. Ek orr badne…..plays….

Ram recalls their encounters. He claims it’s a scene from my favourite film, and it’s a little weird. She wonders if the heroine has a lot of faith in the guy. He chuckles. She says thanks. He expresses his gratitude by saying, “I see white hair, sorry, I’m nervous.” She expresses her gratitude. He smiles as he walks away. He is noticed by Vedika. She says you appear to be in a good mood. He claims that he saw hope today, which is a good indication. He leaves. Vedika becomes enraged. No, she says, this isn’t going to happen.


Shivi claims, “I made this by the French designer, and I felt it would be nice to take it home.” Shubham begs her to remove the furniture, but she has no idea where she will store it. She claims that there is no place and that one must acclimatize to life in a middle-class family. Mami gets the rolls of toilet paper. Shubham makes a joke about Shivi. He claims that you chose this existence and that you are free to leave if you so desire. Shivi claims that Akki is her spouse. So what if you call him here, he adds, you’ll find comfort here. I wish Akki could come here, Shivi continues, but he will never agree, and Priya and Ram will not back me up. Nandini responds, “I know.” Shivi declares, “I’ll go fetch the makeup kit.” Don’t tell Ram anything, Nandini says, and leave. Shivi is leaving.


Nandini claims that Akki likes to maintain things in order and that he will now be the cause of Ram and Priya’s divorce. Shubham informs Akki that he must remain at this location for that reason. If Nandini agrees, he will begin, and I will lose. Priya smiles as she remembers Ram. She rips the note in half. Vedika observes and walks over to Nandini. She claims that Priya tore the note and that she should have fought Ram. Nandini tells you that you are overly clever; Ram is arranging for Valentine’s Day; you assist him in his planning; do anything that crushes Priya’s heart; she despises Valentine’s Day; I will plot something major against them.


Priya converses with Meera. Raj returns home. On the video call, Priya notices him. Raj claims that he has come to eat. Priya chastises him. Meera goes out and gets lunch for Raj. Raj claims that his mother has gone to Chandigarh and that no one is at home. They inquire as to where your father is. Priya claims that she will sell the bakery. Raj is perplexed. If she agrees, have him sign the paperwork. Raj says no, I won’t sign, sorry. He walks away.


Meera inquires as to why you have done this. Priya inquires as to why you fed him at home. Meera thinks you did it for the wrong reasons. She hangs up the phone. Priya says she’d like to speak with Mahender about the accident. Adi is hanging out with his pals. Shashi informed me that he claims something is wrong. Shashi issues a warning to Adi on Facebook. He claims that I never touched Vedika and that she lied to get inside Ram’s residence. We shouldn’t trust Shashi, according to Vikrant. Brinda claims that I have more faith in him than in Vedika. Adi claims that he informed me about Akki and the female. Shashi said on Facebook that I didn’t do anything with Akki. You are ambitious, Adi argues because you knew Vedika was with Ram and still got her. Shashi claims it was for my advantage, but in Akki’s situation, I have no benefit. Brinda agrees with him. We need to find out, Adi says. Ram appears and inquires as to what Adi is saying. Jai expresses his desire to meet you. Priya is perplexed. Mahender is the first person she notices. Mahender counters with a counter-argument. She confronts him about the assassination.



Priya receives an apology from Ram. These kachoris, according to Vedika, will remind Priya of her earlier wounds. Everyone is concerned when they witness Ram serving Priya kachoris.