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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 121

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 121 | 14 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram inquiring Akki to beat or rebuke him as he pleases. He expresses regret to Akki. He claims, “I did that for Shivi, and I couldn’t understand why I had to trust you.” Adi claims that we know you are innocent and that Shashi set you up. Akki sobs. Ram apologizes and folds his hands. Akki embraces Ram. Priya observes. Akki says you’ve forgiven me, and that’s all that matters. Ram claims that you also chastised me. They exchange hugs. Ram apologizes, “I did wrong with you all, and I lost the right to call you Maa.” He takes a seat and apologizes. Meera says you’re right, Ram, the relationship between mother and son will never end, so get up. She claims that because your family went through all of this, as did ours, your rage was justified. Ram says, “I didn’t realize this before; I’ve always thought of Shubham as well as Shivi as my children, so I’m very sentimental about her, Akki.” I was mistaken, and I apologize to everyone.

Sara comforts Ram. She claims that she, too, became enraged at you, but that it is difficult to remain enraged for long. Ram claims to be from Priya’s department. They are all laughing. Don’t tell her I said this, Ram says. Sara requests that they improve their mood right now. Ram embraces Akki. Priya hangs up the phone. She says you didn’t trust me, but you’ll be fine until another misunderstanding occurs; how long will I have to prove myself, and when will he trust me? She requests that Ajay remove the flowers. She believes you do such things, and I become happy, forgetting that I will be sad when you leave. Ram, according to Mami, did not arrive. Nandini advises speaking slowly. Vedika, Mami, and Nandini are having a conversation. Nandini says we need to change our strategy and send Shivi back. Vedika thinks it’s a good thing I got rid of that phone. Nandini inquires about the plan’s second step. Priya, she says, is very clever. Ram didn’t show much loyalty, and Priya won’t forget it. Vedika claims that I will not give up like you. Nandini says, “I want whatever you want, but humans have to be extremely cautious because we got stuck because of that incident that occurred.” Mami narrates the dialogue from the serials. She apologizes, saying, “I was wondering if Vedika was dropping dead if Ram would arrive for her.” Nandini asks her to go to bed. She says, “Vedika, find out just what Priya is pondering; I want to recognize what is bothering her; we need to call some guests.”


Ram returns home and runs into Priya. He notices the flowers have been removed. Tarun, where are the roses? he inquires…. Priya claims that I requested that it be removed because the flowers belong on the trees and there is no need to pluck them and place them on the walls. She says I don’t have a fever, so there’s no need to be concerned about me. She answers the phone. She says I’ll get myself a phone. He inquires, “Why can’t I buy you a phone and keep it?” she says no, I do not like it, don’t act like my mother is imp for you, she is a simple woman, she absolutely adores you a lot, she didn’t pressurise her daughters, you admonished her and decided to make her an outsider in one instant, mum is always mum, she invariably loves, but children make a decision on their own way, I told you that Akki is innocent, but you can’t believe me, why, relations aren’t made by giving expensive phone and flowers, He expresses regret. She says she will forgive you whenever she wants. She moves her head away and pretends to sleep. Ram takes a look at her. He believes I treated you as if you were my wife, even though you exercised your right to scold and annoy me. She sobs.


Brinda arrives at Sara’s house in the morning. Priya, according to Sara, needs to change her clothes. Ram, according to Brinda, will do that. Sara inquires as to how. Brinda beams. Sara claims that your mind is very active. Brinda expresses gratitude. Sara points out that Priya will be waiting. According to Brinda, I called Ram. Sara says I was going to change Priya’s dressing, but I got an order in the bakery; should I send Maitri instead, since I won’t be able to come? He replies, “Fine.” I’ll call Neeraj, she says. He says no, I’ll be fine, don’t worry. She expresses her gratitude.


Ram dials Brinda’s number. Ram, according to Brinda, may ask Nandini or tell me. Ram summons Brinda to assist with Priya’s dressing. Brinda says you should do it. Just come, he says. She wonders why, on the day you said you loved Priya, you didn’t make her realize it. He claims she is upset with me. Brinda advises you to demonstrate your love. Jokes about rams.


She instructs him to go ahead and do it. Okay, he says. Sara chuckles and embraces Brinda. Priya is waiting for Sara. Ram says Sara considered and said she can’t come because she has an urgent order; speak with her if you would like. She claims that I can complete my work on my own.



Ram prepares the dressing. He makes Priya happy. He claims I received a good omen today. This thing, according to Vedika, cannot happen.