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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 120

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 120 | 11 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram questioning Vedika why she didn’t inform him; it’s not that Priya had kept this from us. He claims that Vedika would have requested Priya not to disclose this with anyone; I know Vedika perfectly; she never conceals things; Priya maintained friendship; how long will we label Priya wrong? He apologizes to Priya. Priya answers no, but I asked Vedika to say it when she was ready. Yes, Ram replies, we must ask them why Shashi raised his hand on Vedika.

Shashi stands up for himself. He continues, “I wanted to make Vedika happy; I admit my error; you guys have been more than my friends Ram, pls assist me.” Sara believes that if Shashi has regrets and Vedika loves him, we should band together. Ram advises a lady not to marry a man who raises his hand on her, but she should give him a second chance if he promises to repent. He tells Vedika, you adore Shashi; if you want to give him a chance, I’m on board. Everyone knew you both loved each other, according to Brinda, so find a solution and see a marriage counsellor. Shashi requests that Vedika accompany him. Shashi, according to Vedika, is acting out a lot of drama. Adi receives a message. He said, “Inspector Sawant messaged us, and we found out that number, it’s disposable, and it can get off at any point.” Ram advises not to spend time and to contact immediately away. Adi dials. A phone call comes in. Priya inquires if this is your phone. No, says Vedika.


Shashi looks at his phone. Mami claims that it is Shashi’s phone. Vedika remembers slipping it inside Shashi’s pocket. Shashi says, “I’m not sure how I got this.” Nandini examines the phone and declares that it contains all of the messages sent to Akki. Ram and everyone double-check. Sara claims that we already knew Akki was innocent. Nandini tells Shashi to leave her residence. Priya inquires if you did this to frame Akki. Shashi, says Vedika, you’ve gone too far. Shashi is staring at her. He believes Vedika has done this, and I am well aware of it. Vedika wants Ram to tell her that it’s a lie since her spouse can’t be a horrible guy. She inquires, “Why did you do this?”



Adi claims he has turned into a liar. Priya chastises Shashi. She sobs. She claims Ram assisted you with money, and I should have stated the truth. Shivi receives her apologies. Shivi wonders if Sid forced you to do this since his ego was injured when I rejected him. Nandini wonders what else he possibly has against me. Ram remembers Priya’s words. He believes Priya backed the truth, that Akki was correct, that I blamed him, and that I treated her unfairly. Vedika apologizes to Ram, saying, “I have Shashi in your life, and I will go back with him; Shivi is like my younger sister.” Shashi inquires of Vedika how long she will continue to lie. Ram chastises him.


He requests that he leave. She is lying when she says, “Listen to me, I didn’t do anything.” Adi says I’ll take care of Shashi. The drama begins with Nandini and Vedika. She claims Raj has joined the party; he works with Sid; you informed me about him, but I didn’t notice. Adi requests that Shashi leave. Shashi claims that you are all making a huge mistake that you will all regret. Adi claims that we made a mistake in trusting you. Vedika says I can’t stay here any longer; I think I should leave because I do everything for Ram. Sara believes Vedika has something to say regarding her relationship with Ram. Sara says it’s fine, Vedika; all we want is for Akki and Shivi to get together. Shivi is asked what she wants to do. Shivi is hugged by her. Nandini predicts that this will be difficult for you. Vedika has instructed me to leave. Brinda says we’ll drop you off. Nandini wonders where she’ll go because she can’t go to Shashi’s place. She inquires of Ram about Vedika’s whereabouts. Ram takes Priya’s hand in his. Shivi hugs Ram and inquires, “What should I do?” He claims that I will cure everything. Meera embraces Shivi. She tells Nandini Ji that she should go home and talk to Akki and that we will come to pick up our bahu. Nandini gives a nod. Ram says we’ll do whatever Priya thinks is proper. Priya comments as her mother determines what is correct. Shivi says it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, which is a nice day for Akki and my relationship. Priya recalls Ram’s comments. She says he backed me; did he do this to make me feel better, and does he believe the same way? Guys have a degree in lying and cheating; they move on, while we fall behind. Ajay appears and informs you that Ram has sent you a new phone. She looks at her phone. She explains why such an expensive phone is necessary. She receives Sara’s phone call. She notices Akki’s melancholy return home. Ram and Adi are seen by Akki. Priya notices this while on a video call.



Priya assures you that I am OK and that you should not be concerned. Ram claims that he can assist you. He’s in charge of the dressing. She cracks a smile. Such a thing, according to Vedika, cannot happen.