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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 119

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 119 | 10 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vedika stating that tracing the number will be a major issue; I think Soods are extremely intelligent. Nandini promises that we will correct our error. Brinda arrives to greet them. She claims I planned to invite Shashi to lunch. Vedika inquires as to why. Brinda believes that communication is essential in all relationships; it was Ram’s idea, and you never refuse him, right? Ram informs me that Shashi will be arriving for lunch. Vedika inquires as to why this is necessary. The cops have returned home. Inspector says, “I believe that was an accident.” Ram claims that I suspected that this was done on purpose, so I asked Adi to conduct an investigation. Inspector asks if he can speak with your wife. Priya enters the room. Ram departs, and Vedika receives a jerk. Did you get hurt because Ram didn’t see you, according to Brinda?

Don’t worry, Priya can walk, according to Sara. Ram snatches Priya. Priya is being questioned by the inspector. He inquires as to how you arrived at the accident scene. Priya notices Meera and is concerned. Adi asks who wants to be Ram’s new adversary. Priya wonders if she should tell them what she overheard. Brinda asks, “Why did you leave the party?” Ram claims that she left because I yelled at her. He admits that he made a mistake. He says if I’m wrong, accuse me, Sarika threatened Shivi with divorce, I vented my rage on Priya, it’s not Priya’s fault, Priya can never make a mistake, I was supporting Shivi, just like Priya supported her brother, it’s my fault, so sorry. Inspector is asked to assist him. Adi hand over the phone. Ram claims that this phone is the source of all our problems; figure out who is threatening us. Inspector agrees that you are correct, and that it is possible that everything is connected. He leaves. Ram promises to find a solution. Brinda tells Vedika to be positive because Shashi is on his way. Sara says, “Yes, right.” Ram believes I messed up with Priya. Priya believes Ram made a mistake. Sara agrees that he made a mistake by not trusting Akki, and she hopes that the police find the culprit. Ram approaches and knocks on the door. Sara says I’ll assist Priya and change the dressing. Ram asks what gift I should get you, and Priya is saving her money. Sara laughs. He invites Priya to join him for lunch. Ram looks at Priya as he holds her hand. They are leaving. Nandini inquires of Vedika about her thoughts. Vedika is worried. Meera says we should leave right now. Brinda says no, eat and leave. Adi cracks jokes.


Shashi returns home and greets everyone. He inquires as to Priya’s current state. Okay, Priya says. Ram says, “Welcome home.” Brinda requests that Meera reduce the distance between Shashi and Vedika, just as she did between Akki and Shivi. Give them some time to talk, says Ram. Adi says that because we know how much they love each other, Shashi should apologize. Shashi says, “I’m sorry Vedika, I was wrong, I love you a lot, come home with me.” Brinda is chastised by Vedika.


Ram inquires as to what. Nandini requests that Vedika begin. Vedika begins the play by asking Priya what problem he has if she stays here. Ram asks Priya, “What do you know?” Shashi says nothing; what does Vedika want to prove? Vedika requests that Priya say something. Priya claims that Vedika told her that Shashi beats her. They’re all wondering what. According to Vedika, I assumed Priya would not force me to leave. We will not compel you, according to Nandini. Mami mocks Meera and Priya. Priya claims that when Vedika came home to stay, she informed her of the situation. Mami inquires as to why you withheld this information from us. Shashi believes Vedika is lying. Mami requests that he stop talking. She helps Vedika and performs in a drama. Ram considers. Vedika weeps.