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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 118

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 118 | 09 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vedika pretending to be nice while holding Ram’s hand. She inquires as to why you are unable to tell me the truth. Priya examines the note. Vedika says that if you love Priya, I can assist you in conveying your feelings to her; she is fortunate to have your love, and we will tell her about our past; she will be grateful if we do. He says yes, and I agree that it will be difficult to persuade her because she is a respected young lady. She claims that what is seen may not always be true. He expresses gratitude, saying, “Really, I had seen dreams for us, but I didn’t think we’d do this work together.” Even I didn’t expect her to say yes, but this is life. She believes you will come to seek my assistance when Priya and your relationship burns, and that my note will ignite the fire. Priya goes to Ajay to inquire about the note. Ram says thanks for everything. you are my great friend, and you will end up receiving the love and respect you should get. Vedika says, “I’m pleased with you because you supported me.” He refers to you as family. She expresses her desire to assist you. She brings him a drink. They consume alcohol. Priya enters the room. She doesn’t notice them. Ram asks if you’re all right. She says I’m fine. He says, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you, so I’m going to drop you.” She apologizes, saying, “I didn’t want to bother you.” They leave. Nandini says she likes your idea, and Ram doesn’t see any flaws. Vedika responds in the affirmative. Nandini says I should despise you, but when you left Ram, it was good for me because he grew closer to me and my family, and he gained our support. Priya, according to Vedika, ruined this. Nandini says we have to stop her; you know Ram, you have to try to get Ram back to us. Priya conceals the note. Ram says I’ll assist. I’ll do it, she says. He claims you chastised me when I left the room. She accuses you of being careless. He says, “Really?” Meera, she says, will arrive tomorrow. He is overjoyed. She claims that because we are accustomed to doing our own work, she will come herself. He asks if you want to take medicines from my hands; fine, you can sleep now. He becomes agitated and begins to argue. She tells him not to be concerned. He takes his medication. She claims that I went out to see you. He says, “Fine, I’ll go change.” Okay, she says. He leaves, expecting her to chastise him for what he told her that night.


It’s morning, and Meera and Sara have returned home. Mami predicts that there will be a lot of drama now. Meera embraces Shivi. Mami mocks Meera. Meera informs us that we have arrived to meet Priya. Nandini says she’s in the room, so come on in. Ram invites Priya to breakfast. Priya claims I don’t eat unless I’ve had a bath. He invites her to take a bath. She declines. He says, “Come on, I’ll take you.” Everyone shows up.



Ram claims I was kidding. Meera responds, “Good, I made kada, everybody can drink it.” Shivi, according to Nandini, greeted you warmly. Meera confirms that she is delightful. Mami has said that the tea is ready. Meera says something is wrong with Shivi; why don’t we ask Akki to justify him; we women must always give Agnipariksha; Priya has already seen her mother; she has also encountered problems here. Nandini wonders why, we never accused her of Akki’s mistakes, we never mocked her, this is Priya’s house, I don’t keep off this kind of small thoughts. Meera confirms, “I’ve always applauded this.” Ram expresses regret. She says no, Priya would have done the same, and that we inquired Akki to clear his name and bring Shivi back, otherwise it would be his disadvantage. Ram inquires earnestly. She claims that I told him that because he is a guy, he will not be spared and that he must prove his innocence. Priya wonders how, once I’ve been fined, I’ll prove his innocence. Meera hands over the phone and says he used to get blackmailing messages on his phone and wants to find out who did it. Mami exclaims, “Wow, we’ll prove him innocent.” Meera confirms that we must investigate. Ram says you’re right; we’ll find out who did it, and I’ll ask Adi to look into it.