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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 116 | 07 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya asking Ram if he is okay. Ram jokes to make her laugh He tells the doctor not to worry because Priya is fine. They are all laughing. Mahender speculates that Priya may have seen me or heard about the accident. Shashi inquires, “What bullshit, it was just us, how did she realize, are you sure?” Mahender claims she happened to come out in front of me as if she was aware of the accident, and that she will have me arrested. Shashi says no, go underground for a while, and then we’ll figure something out. Priya says, “I expected you to ask for something substantial in exchange for this coupon.” Ram responds, “Yes, I wanted you to get up, and you kept your promise, but you were also upset with me.” He takes her hand in his and says, “I know I’ve told you a lot, but can we forget everything today?” She inquires as to why she should give you a chance; you are not required to respond. She sobs and says, “It’s all because of me.”

Ram comforts her and cuddles her. Hai dil ye mera…plays… He assures you that you will be alright. She expresses gratitude to you. He claims that looking at you in that state made him nervous. She claims, “I remember everything you told me, and you were calling me, so I returned.” He wonders if she heard me say I love you. He inquires as to what you mean and how you can remember. She confirms, “I remember everything.” He says you remember everything, so tell me what you heard. She expresses everything. He becomes tense and walks away. Adi and Tarun prepare Ram’s food. Ram arrives and informs us that the air conditioning is not working. Adi inquires if you walked to the temple. Ram claims that I went for Priya’s sake. Adi inquires if she heard you I love you. Ram says, “I don’t know, but I think so.” Adi says, “Tell her again.” Ram says, “I’m wondering if this was an accident or something else.” Sara asks, “What are you saying, dad, has done this?” Priya responds, “Yes, I will be shameful of him for the rest of my life.” Sara inquires, “Are you sure?” Priya claims that if Ram is aware of this, he will not want to see my face. Sara claims he couldn’t possibly become a good husband and father. Ram claims Priya did not care about her life and saved mine; I must find out for Priya’s sake. Priya says, “If mum knows this… What can I do right now, we have to find out, someone forced Mahender to do this, we won’t tell anyone, everyone is already worried.” Sara claims that we will not say, “Don’t worry.” The doctor has advised you to care for Priya at home. Ram assures me that she will receive the best possible care at home, and I will make certain that her physiotherapy begins as soon as possible. He overhears a woman lamenting the death of her husband. Thank your lucky stars, says the doctor, and take care of yourself and Priya. He walks away. Vedika arrives. When Ram said that the lady had lost her husband, I thought to myself, “I’m so lucky.” Please tell me if Vedika says you can share things with me. Sara arrives. Ram departs. Nandini claims that she made the decision. Ram says, “I wanted to tell you something.” Sara says, “I don’t want to know anything; you are Priya’s present and future; Priya shouldn’t know this; she is already stressed; I’m sure you’ll figure it out; Priya shouldn’t know about Vedika and you right now.” Adi and Brinda both concur. Sara and everyone make fun of Ram’s I love you. Ram departs.

Priya is taken home by Adi and Brinda. Priya, according to Brinda, is thinking about Ram. Priya wonders why he didn’t show up. Brinda says he misses you terribly. Adi claims that he is always kept busy in meetings. She claims you have forced him to work. Priya believes they are deceiving me, Ram is planning a welcome surprise for me, I know he gets happy giving happiness to others, his anger is everything, he breaks every promise in anger, I shatter that time, I will find out why Mahender did this. Nandini instructs Ram to open his eyes and look around. Ram appreciates the decorations. He expresses gratitude to Nandini. According to Shubham, I did the same thing. Ram expresses gratitude to him. Shivi says it’s your day, so enjoy it. He says you brighten his day. Miami claims that if you have an accident, Ram will drop everything and run to you. Ram requests that she finish. Nandini advises leaving it alone. Miami claims you were upset with Priya, and now that we’re doing this for her, you’ve forgotten everything. Ram claims that I did not forget anything, that I promised Shivi that I would take care of everything and that we have proof. We have it, according to Shubham. Ram inquires, and Anjali changes her words twice; look at her; she says someone pressured her to frame Akki, and then she says Akki is guilty.

Precap: Nandini says we need to make Priya realize Ram is going to cheat her and leave. Priya is waiting for Ram. Ram is currently with Vedika. Vedika says she will help you make your marriage easier.