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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 115

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 115 | 04 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Nandini inquiring Ram to stay with Priya. She goes outside and runs into Vedika. Ram requests that Priya remain calm and get well until the morning. He cries as he speaks to Priya. He asks her to keep the promise in mind. When you get up, he says, “You can do anything,” and I will say, “You fulfilled your promise, and no one will cry.” Vedika has a disagreement with Nandini.

Nandini claims, “I didn’t lose to Priya; don’t underestimate the enemy; it will be your loss; Ram adores Priya, and that is the truth.” She says she doesn’t know when this love will become mutual; the relationship is based on respect and faith, but it has the potential to become love. Ram, according to Shubham, is madly in love with Vedika. This truth, according to Nandini, is not good for us. Ram loved me and will always love me, according to Vedika. She walks away.


Nandini says, “You know me, Ram loves me a lot, I have always supported Ram, it’s time to use this trump card, think like me, Priya’s accident got her the biggest place in his life, Ram can’t lose her now if Priya died in his arms, I don’t know what would have happened, his love was divided before, now he loves his wife, we will support Ram and go to the temple with him to pray for Priya.” Ram walks down the street. He considers Priya. Shubham dials Ram’s number and inquires as to his whereabouts. Ram says he’s going to the temple to pray for Priya, inform her mother, and take care of her. Nandini claims, “I warned you.” Ram believes I failed to fulfil my responsibilities as a husband. Meera sobs and begs Priya to return to them. She embraces Priya. Sara and Sandy are also in tears. Sara tells Priya that she is her mother’s favourite; did you hear her? They’re all talking to Priya. Ram hopes Priya recovers quickly. He believes you risked your life to save mine; forgive me for always misinterpreting you, and give me one more chance. He considers Priya. Meera requests that Sara play that song. Sara sings the song Aye zindagi gale lagele….she sings…


Ram sees flowers and thinks of her. He gives money to a beggar and asks him to feed him and buy him clothes, as well as to pray for his wife Priya. He is blessed by the beggar. Ram walks into the temple. He says a prayer. He believes I will do anything for Priya, as long as she returns to me once and tells her to open her eyes. He says a prayer. Priya exhales deeply. Sara dials the doctor’s number. Ram envisions Priya with him. He converses with her. She claims you won’t speak to me when I’m not present. He receives Sara’s phone call. Priya vanishes. Sara calls Ram and tells him that Priya is out of breath and that he needs to come quickly. Ram has informed me that I will be arriving shortly. Ram sobs and declares, “I will not let my Priya’s promises go unfulfilled; I promise I will not let anything happen to her.” He leaves the coupons behind. Ram arrives at the hospital. He walks over to Priya. He inquires the doctor about Priya’s condition. He asks Priya to stand up if she believes in their marriage. The doctor invites him out. Adi evicts Ram. Mr Kapoor, says Priya… Everyone is staring at her.



Priya was informed of the accident, according to Mahender. Shashi claims that she will now force you to admit the truth. Adi inquires if she heard your I love you. Priya claims that she remembers everything you told her. He embraces her.