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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 114 | 03 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram who is pulling Priya upward from broken rock. She gets faint out. He hugs her and requests her to open her eyes. He exclaims, “I absolutely adore you, Priya!” I lost my father, and I’ll never lose you; nothing will eventuate to you. She becomes aware and says, “Mr Kapoor.” He says, “I’m seeking support,” “you haven’t ever lost,” and “I’ll do something about it if you remain with me.” He picks her up and carries her away. He says he’ll get me some assistance. He inspects his vehicle. He questions why it isn’t starting to work. He goes to get her some water.

He speaks to her and keeps asking her to wait. He seeks assistance from someone. He takes her phone. He claims it is broken. She apologizes. He tells, “I’m not disappointed and sad, I’ll buy you a new smartphone, I’m here, I’ll speak to you, continue breathing.” He says, “I work really hard for my people, don’t worry, we’ll get assistance.” He yells for assistance. He says my wife has met with an accident and he needs your phone number so he can call her. The man hands over his phone. Ram claims that there is no connection. He inquires about the trolley. He says, “I’ll purchase it; tell me how much cash you want.” He says, “I did forget my wallet, hold my watch, and please just give me this trolley.” The man says, “All okay, take it.”  Ram says to Priya, we have help, nothing else will occur to you, come with us. Ram expresses gratitude to the man.


Ram loads Priya into the cart. He says, “Don’t get worried, I’ll take you to the health centre.” He looks at his phone. He says the network has arrived and that I should call Adi. Brinda claims Ram did not arrive. Vedika is thinking as well. Sara claims that even Priya is not present. Brinda tells Vikrant, Ram told you. He says yes, and I’m sure Ram has a date set. Nandini inquires as to the date. Ram wanted to spend more time with Priya, according to Brinda, so he scheduled a date. Shashi believes Ram has moved on. Sara claims that Priya never leaves the house without informing us. Brinda claims she would go anywhere with Ram. Shashi wonders, “Where did Priya go?” I’ll call Mahender and find out. Nandini notices Akki and Shivi conversing. Shubham becomes enraged. He inquires as to what brought you here. Shubham is stopped by Kunal and Vikrant. Adi arrives and informs that Ram had called me and that she had been in an accident. Everyone is taken aback.


Adi says, “Come quickly,” as he is stressed. Everyone is rushing. Ram transports Priya to the hospital. He claims that nothing could happen because he is present. Ram claims that while he is unaware of her medical history, he can arrange for you to speak with her sister. But  Another doctor tells us not to worry, Adi managed to give us all the information, and we will do our best. Ram recalls the mishap. He believes I tried to tell her I love her, but he’s not sure how. He considers her. Meera and her entourage arrive.  Ram says that if Priya is not fine, how could I be? He sobs as he hugs Meera. Nandini believes Ram’s life revolves around the Sood family; however, I will not let Meera take my own life. She pushes Meera aside and asks, “Are you okay?” Priya will be okay, she is courageous, so nothing would happen to her.


Meera Ji, you understand her well, she is a warrior, she says. Adi embraces Ram. She claims that if anything happened before will not happen again and that she will be okay. She requests that the nurse should take him and check on him. She believes Ram was forced to take Priya outside, but the accident changed the game. Shashi arrives and observes Vedika. He inquires as to Priya’s well-being. Vedika says, see if I care, you were trying to say I’d return to you, what occurred, you’re losing, see your plans got floundered, just tell me, what were you intending, did you do all that. He asks what occurred and if I’m planning a murder for getting you. She inquires, “Are you confident?”


He claims Ram will be angry with me if I did something wrong, that he adores his wife, and that if she returns to me, I will heal her wounds. He drives away in his car. Vedika becomes enraged and declares, “I will never become a stranger to Ram.” Ram inquires about Priya’s health. The doctor says it’s saddening that Priya had to meet this mishap, but she’s brave; unfortunately, you can not meet her right now because she’s unconscious. Meera inquires as to her well-being. The doctor says the surgery was successful, but she is still in danger. Ram wonders when she’ll be fine. The doctor says, “I hope she wakes up in the morning.” Ram inquires, “Is there anything else?” If she becomes conscious, we will believe she is no longer in danger, according to the doctor. He walks away. Ram believes he should inform us. Priya, according to Vedika, will be fine. Ram insists that I want to meet her. He recalls being asked to identify his father’s body in the past. He walks over to Priya. He remembers her. Aye, Khuda….plays… Ram sits beside her and sobs while holding her hand. Nandini arrives. She claims you have the right to retain her hand because she is your better half and I have an idea that she is very important to you. She claims that this has happened to us before, with Ram’s father; Ram does not want anything bad would happen to him; I know you are a fighter; you must return. She comforts Ram and gives him hugs. She believes I wish I could kick Priya out of my house.



Priya was informed of the accident, according to Mahender. According to Shashi, Priya will force Mahender to tell the truth. Ram, according to Nandini, adores Priya. Ram yells. Priya awakens and approaches Ram. He cracks a smile.