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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 113

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 113 | 02 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram memorizing Priya’s words. When he hears the song Bade acche…. Nandini calls him and wants to ask if he’ll be at Shashi’s party. He responds, “Yes, I’m on my way.” She says Priya is lovely, Sarika came, we did apologize to him, and you know what she appeared to have done, she provided us divorce papers. He inquires about what you are saying. She brings it up, I’m not sure if Priya is aware of it, but I believe she is, Shivi has arrived here because of her, I’ve learned that Akki is also coming, and I believe she wants to bid farewell to the issue, sorry, it is all about Shivi. He says, “Don’t worry, we’re one big family, and I’ll take care of everything.” I don’t want to select one between your family and us, she says. He says, “It’s one family, I’ll be there, don’t worry.” He believes Priya knew everything; she didn’t tell us, so I’ll call and question her.



Priya is present with everyone. Sandy claims Ram has been calling her repeatedly. Priya answers the phone. He inquires whether you were aware of Sarika. She claims that I  just found it.   She says Akki is on his way to see Shivi. He calls her once more. She also contacts him. He says he doesn’t want to talk to her right now. He cuts the line. He sends her the audio. He inquires as to why you keep things to yourself, stating, “I’m making the situation reasonable.” She becomes agitated and declares, “I will never tell you anything as long as you assume about me.”


Vedika was convinced to dance with Shashi by Brinda. Nandini wonders where Priya went if she went to talk to Ram. Shubham inquires what occurred. She wonders why Ram hasn’t arrived yet. Priya is aware of them. Nandini chastises him. Priya goes to check out his father Mahender. She hears him discussing Ram’s accident. She yells, “Stop, Sir!” She dials Ram’s number. Ram does not respond. She calls once more. He responds. She considers what she should say to him right now. She requests that he should not come because she does not want to see him. She wonders if he will stop if he will come for the sake of his family, why does Mahender want to kill Ram, why. She sobs. She yells at the auto driver. She sees the keys and starts the car. The driver asks her for stopping the auto.


Brinda irritates Vedika by inquiring about the party. Vedika claims Shashi threw the party, and I have left Shashi. Shashi asks, “What are you saying?” referring to Priya’s comments about marriage. According to Brinda, Ram and Priya will be celebrating their first Lohri. Akki arrives at Shivi’s house. Vedika believes my plan is complete because Priya, Akki, and Shivi will fight and Ram will enter, which is far too good. Shashi believes that if he waits for Ram, he will never arrive. Ram says that if Priya wants to be with me, she must take a step towards me. He takes a stress-relieving pill. He notices a coupon. He says, “I’ll find out,” and he adds, “How can she ask me not to come?” Mahender will arrive shortly.  He believes, Priya is a problem; she destroys everyone’s lives, and this is all because of her. Priya believes that I will not allow you to affect Ram, that I will defend Ram, and that you despise me so much that you want to murder my husband. Ram is on his way to you. Mahender accelerates his vehicle in the direction of Ram’s vehicle.


Priya makes it there. She notices Ram’s and Mahender’s cars. She yells at Ram to stop.  Mahender believes Ram will die. Mr Kapoor, she exclaims. She inserts the auto-rickshaw between them. Ram and Mahender notice Priya in the car. Ram gets out of the car to investigate the accident. Mahender is taken aback. Ram exclaims, “Priya!” He dashes over to her. She is hanging down from the cliff. She cries out for assistance. Ram informs Priya that he has arrived. He grabs her hand and pulls her along.



Ram says Priya, I’ll take you to the hospital.  Ram, according to Shashi, adores his wife Priya. He inquires  Vedika  what she intends to do next.