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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 112

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 112 | 01 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Akki contacting Priya and asking her to come over right away to deal with the situation. Ram instructs Adi to inform Priya that he could meet her at Shashi’s. He walks away. Priya inquires Adi about Ram. Adi claims that Adi has just left. Priya approaches Sarika and inquires about why did she not discuss the divorce related issue with Akki. Sarika expresses her displeasure with Shivi. She claims that it is her final decision, and Akki will give divorce to Shivi. He tries to claim that because he adores Shivi, he will not give her divorce. He says I’ll come there as well and try to talk to Shivi. Priya says no, let me first speak with her. Sarika claims you’re doing this to save your marriage, but it’s destroying Akki’s life. She walks away. Akki converses with Priya. Shivi has been brainwashed by Vedika against Akki. She believes that once this relationship is broken, it will be impossible to rejoin.

Priya dials Shivi’s number. Shivi responds, saying Akki has sent his mother with divorce papers, and she’s not sure what’s going on. Priya says, “Calm down, come on in to the party, please let me clarify once, then just do whatever you want.”Shivi responds, “Fine, I’ll come upon your invitation, but I don’t see any possibility in future in this relationship already.” Priya says fine, come into the party and we’ll talk. Shivi says ok I change my dress and come, and then we’ll go to the Lohri party. Vedika believes Priya will not go down easily. Ram says I’m on my way; I’m just wrapping up work. He receives a call from Shashi. He says I’m on my way. Shashi wishes you a happy death. He apologizes, saying, “I’m a nasty friend, I’m selfish, and you’re stuck in office just because of me.” Ram believes Vedika will be pleased once your loans are sorted. Shashi responds, “Fine, come soon.” He believes Vedika must return to me because Ram is going to die. Ram inquires of the driver if the vehicle is ready. Yes, says the driver. He remembers Priya’s words.


He suggests that you should spend Lohri with your family.  Ram requests that he would drive himself. Driver says he’ll drop you off and leave. Ram invites him to accompany him. Happy Lohri, says the driver. Ram wishes everyone a Happy Lohri. He tells Priya, “I’m coming to you, it’s a new beginning, happy Lohri.”


Shashi extends a warm welcome to Nandini and Vedika. Mami inquires about Ram and Priya’s whereabouts. They’re on their way, according to Shashi. Brinda requests that Mami meet the lovely Priya. Priya is complimented by Sara and Sandy. According to Vikrant, it’s a makeover. Brinda claims Ram gave her clothes and accessories, and that she now looks like Ram’s wife because Ram adorned her. Wow, says Kunal. Brinda confirms that he has cancelled all of his meetings for Priya. Shashi compliments Priya on her beauty. Nandini thinks you’re stunning. Priya sends her best wishes. Nandini thinks it’s great that someone’s Lohri is going well. Priya apologizes and says she will speak with Sarika. Nandini says there’s no need because you and Ram are celebrating today. Yes, Shashi says. Priya says I’ll speak with Shivi. Brinda says no, let Ram come first and do the aarti with him. Okay, says Priya.


Vedika turns on the Lohri wood. Sara inquires as to what you did. Vedika claims I lit the Lohri.  Sara claims it’s for Ram and Priya, and that you should do wait for him. Vedika apologizes and says, “I’ll pour some water and turn this off.” Brinda says it’s fine, just don’t do anything bad. Priya says we’ll do the puja again when Ram arrives. Nandini asserts that she is correct. Shashi says, “You lost, but accept that I have won.” Vedika claims that I will never return to you. Shashi says, “Wait a minute, time will prove you.” She walks away.


Priya converses with Shivi. She claims that we celebrate Lohri to mark the beginning of a new year. Vedika observes and departs. Priya advises her to believe Akki rather than Anjali. She claims to have known Akki and his love once. Shivi responds, “Fine.” Priya says I’ll contact him. Mahender arrives. Priya wonders that what he’s doing here. Nandini is greeted by Mahender. He tells her not to burden Priya with what happened to Shivi and to love Priya as her mother. Priya inquires as to your purpose for being here. He says, “Let me do a father’s duty,” and adds, “Where is Ram, I want to apologize to him.” Shashi believes he is clever; he came here to be exempted of the blame for the accident. Priya says no marriage will be broken, Shivi will talk to Akki, I will handle my marriage, and Ram will handle me. Adi says, “Come for puja; we will put an end to evil and begin with good.” Mahender becomes enraged and believes your pride will be shattered today. She believes I will talk to Ram and resolve all of the issues; however, this marriage is genuine, and I will not let you win.



Priya is taken aback when she overhears Mahender’s conversation. She chases after him. She saves Ram and meets by an accident. Ram exclaims, “Priya!”