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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 111

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 111 | 31 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sarika returning home and yelling Shivina. Nandini confronts her. Sarika says to simply call her. Shivi appears and says, “Don’t try to persuade me.” Sarika invites her to come to apologize to Akki. Shivi claims he will fall at my feet and apologize, but I will not forgive him. Sarika chastises her. Nandini requests that she stop talking and leave. Meera claims you began thinking about him. Priya declines. Meera expands on her explanation. She claims you have always supported him. Ram, she claims, bothers you because he fights with you about me, his love, he accepted you as family, and he believes he has a right to you. Priya remembers what he said. But he called you aunty and made you a stranger, she claims. Meera claims it was his rage; whatever happened to his sister, he became lonely and expressed his feelings; he is the same Ram who used to eat food with my hands; you must see this affection. Meera asks her to return home and celebrate Lohri with Ram because he is similar to her, caring and alone, and they are true life partners; she should go and support Ram for her own happiness. Priya receives a phone call. Ram claims that Brinda summoned us and asked if he could come and take us home. Priya says no, but she will meet you there. Meera says, “My prayers are with you and Ram,” and she advises you to “go, be happy.” Priya walks away.

Sarika and Nandini disagree. Shivi, according to Sarika, has blamed Akki and ruined his life. Shivi thinks you’re already terrible. She expresses her displeasure with Sarika. Nandini is holding Shivi. Sarika claims that you bothered us and never helped us with our work and that I will tell the world that my bahu is such. Vedika inquires, “What are you saying for Shivi?” It’s good that we got to see Akki’s true face, and it’s good that Shivi got rid of him. Sarika hands over the divorce papers. She declares, “This marriage is over; I will drag you all to court; I will not abandon you all.” She walks away.

Mami believes Akki is completely useless. Shivi wonders if he’ll leave her. Adi invites Priya to join him for snacks. Brinda arrives with new clothes for Ram and Priya. Ram flatly refuses. Brinda chastises him. She invites him to a fight later. Okay, don’t be emotional, I don’t fight, he says. Priya thinks it’s a good idea, and I’d like to stay here and celebrate Lohri while Ram is away. Brinda inquires if you will be able to cancel meetings for me. Ram claims that I cancelled. Priya claims that I am also free. Adi advises everyone to get ready for Lohri. They inquire as to why. Brinda says, “I made you learn the lines because this isn’t just for you; it’s part of a larger plan to bring Vedika and Shashi together.” Ram is correct. According to Brinda, you both married for siblings and now celebrate Lohri for friends. Ram and Priya are at odds. Priya claims Ram is obstinate, and he becomes envious when he sees Neeraj and me in the same room. Ram is teased by Brinda. The round is won by Brinda. Ram insists that I play a new round and win. Brinda instructs Ram to prepare the wife. Ram says, “Fine, I’ll do it.” Let’s see who wins, says Brinda. Ram and Priya walk away. Adi inquires as to whose rasam this is. Brinda claims it is my responsibility to bring them closer together. Nandini inquires if you called Ram. Vedika claims that it is not connecting and that everything is proceeding as planned. Nandini is correct. Vedika claims that no one can prove Akki’s innocence; therefore, Shivi should agree to divorce Akki; we will make this divorce a big deal at the party; then Priya will leave, and Shivi will enter. Nandini assures us that Sarika has already completed our task. Vedika dials Ram’s number. Brinda hangs up the phone. She becomes enraged. Ram and Priya prepare. Ram takes a look at her. Dil ki Dhadkan…..plays…. She inquires if I am acting strangely. Ram responds, “No way, different.” She inquires if I am in bad shape. No, Ram, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no She says you’re free to make jokes. He says, “Wait a minute, I’ll win round 2.” She inquires as to what. He invites her to join him.

Ram forces Priya to wear the jewellery. Nainon ne….entertains… They have a chance. She expresses her desire. They notice each other. I should tell her that he believes this marriage will last forever. Priya, he says… She receives Akki’s call.


Don’t punish my daughter for Akki’s mistake, says Mahender. Ram, according to Priya, will take care of me. She chases after Mahender and attempts to stop him. She claims that she will not allow him to punish Ram. She is involved in an accident.