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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 110

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 110 | 28 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Nandini announcing that you and Priya will be celebrating Lohri. Ram says fine, but don’t force Shivi just because you’re insistent. She assures her that she will be fine if she gives her some time. Shivi is asked to consider the happiness of the family. Will you go with them, as she suggests? Shivi says, “OK, I’ll go; I’ll join you later.” Mami says we’ll talk about breakfast now; I’m hungry, and I’m thinking about having English breakfast today. Shivi hands Ram the croissant. Vedika becomes enraged. Mami says I can have this food, but Shivi, you can’t because you’re alone right now. Priya says it’s fine, I made it, and it’s healthy. Ram departs for the office. Vedika receives Neeraj’s message… work completed, I met Raj

Mahender inquires whether you returned the cheque. No, Raj says, what you’re discovering isn’t in the house. Mahender wonders where it will go. Raj claims you were supporting your daughters, but Priya never helped me and always helped Akki, and you know what Akki did, his film got stalled, and Shivi has returned to her Maayka. Mahender inquires. Raj claims that no one told you anything, that I refused to do this work for them, and that they didn’t tell you anything. Mahender is leaving. Ram and Priya make their way to the bakery.

They are arguing in the car. He abandons her. He wonders how long this timeout will last. Priya considers how to prove Akki’s innocence. Ram believes I will go get a cupcake and then return. He walks away. Mahender approaches Priya and inquires as to what she is thinking. She speaks of Akki. He mocks her. She requests that he return home. He inquires, “What are you hiding?” “Tell me, I’m always embarrassed because of you all,” he says, “save your marriage.” She inquires as to how. Ram appears and observes. She claims you cursed me, saying my marriage and life would be hell, and it came true. You should be happy, she says, because I remember every word you said. Mahender becomes enraged and flees. Priya becomes depressed. Ram pursues Mahender and confronts him. According to Mahender, you… I was planning on meeting you. Ram inquires as to why. Mahender says, “I heard Akki did something wrong with Shivi, and I’m sorry.” Ram chastises him for curses directed at his daughters. He says, “Relationships are important to me; don’t do it again, and if you hurt Priya, I won’t spare you.” He walks away. Mahender calls Shashi and says, “I’m ready to do your work today.” Ram will arrive in Lohri, but it will be his last Lohri. Shashi cracks a smile.

Priya says I didn’t want to get married; tell me how I’m going to prove Akki’s innocence. Meera requests that she not take a step back. Priya says, “Ram loves Shivi, and I love Akki; I can’t stand it if anyone says anything bad about Akki; he won’t listen to me against his family, so who am I?” She says it’s good that his family is everything, that your relationship is special, and that I see respect and affection between you.

Priya claims Shivi and Akki’s relationship is the foundation of our marriage; I have lost Ram’s trust; Mahender is correct. Meera inquires, “What did he say, tell me?” Priya claims that when he learned that Shivi had returned to the Kapoor mansion, he came to tell him, “I can’t handle relationships, I lost once more, I have embarrassed you.” Meera declines. Priya says that while you say nothing is bigger than your mother’s blessing, I believe his curse is bigger. Sarika notices them. Ram becomes enraged at Tarun. Adi inquires as to what happened to her. Ram retorts, “How dare that man talk to my daughter like this?”

He says a girl first learns about men from her father, and he was harsh with Priya. Adi requests that he leave things alone. Ram claims that I have no proof that Akki committed this crime. Adi inquires as to what Priya did. What should I do if Ram claims she married the wrong person? Brinda appears but says nothing. Ram commands you to come. She tells you to take care of yourself first, and then come to me. Ram inquires as to what I did. She says, “I’ll tell you something,” Priya understands you, you understand her, she has a right to defend her brother, and Shivi married Akki at her request. Yes, he says, I won’t leave her with Akki if he does something wrong. Brinda says, “Protect her, but don’t forget about Priya; Adi and I are going home, get Priya there, we’ll get ready and go to Shashi’s house, think about her, it’s her first Lohri, can’t you do this for her?” She chooses Adi.

Meera says, “A woman has to become strong, we have seen many ups and downs, it doesn’t end until the life ends, you will think that it is total darkness, but it is not the end, a woman sees the relationship’s string in darkness also, I didn’t break down when your father left me, Ram is your strength, you think for him.” Priya claims he will despise me.


Ram prepares Priya. He believes that this marriage will last forever. Priya saves him and is involved in an accident. He hugs her and says, “I love you, Priya!”