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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 109

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 109 | 27 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priya begins the episode by asking Shivi if she is ready to end everything. Vedika returns Ram home. Ram suggests that I go to my room. I’ll take you, she says. Shivi says you picked the right man, the ideal man, but I couldn’t. She walks away. Priya notices Vedika accompanying Ram to the room. Vedika closes the door. She thinks I’ll be ready this time, that I’ll get you, that Priya will get the message, and that everything will be fine. Ram inquires about Priya’s whereabouts.

Vedika sobs and converses with Ram. She says, “I left you for Shashi, and I’m sorry.” She adds, “I feel there’s a reason we’re together on your birthday.” Adi, Brinda, and Priya arrive. Brinda wishes Ram a happy birthday and hugs him. She thanks Vedika for organizing everything for Ram on my behalf. She invites Shashi to join her. Shashi approaches Ram and gives him a hug. Ram is wished a happy birthday. He claims that this year is special, that it is a new beginning for him as well, and that he should forget everything. Yes, says Brinda, we always end Ram’s birthday together. Adi requests that Ram cut the cake quickly because it is his favorite. Ram slices the cake and serves it to Priya. Brinda photographs them. Shashi says, “I’ve planned a Lohri party at my bungalow, and I’d like you and Priya to come.” Ram planned a party after Vedika and my marriage, and now it’s my turn; you must attend. Brinda reminisces about meeting Shashi. I don’t like you, she says. I know, he says. Yes, she says, we want Vedika out of Ram’s life. Shashi claims that I was thinking the same thing. She inquires as to the plan. He says I’ll throw a Lohri celebration. She says, “Fine, come with me, and bring your wife.” Facebook is shutting down. Brinda assures us that we will undoubtedly attend. Shashi says he aspires to be a good husband like Ram for Vedika. Brinda claims that we will bring you together. Ram says, “I don’t think now is the time.” Shivi will feel better, according to Brinda, and the plan is complete.

Mahender searches for the license plate. Raj inquires as to what you have discovered. If I don’t get it, Mahender says it’s fine. Priya receives the license plate. Ram appears. She is injured. He is concerned about her. He expresses regret to her. Raj notices the check. Tell me what to do, I’ll do the work, we can buy a new house, but don’t tell me you care about your daughters. He is concerned. Ram is concerned when he sees Priya’s wound. She says it’s fine. He invites her to join him. He sips the kada. They’re having a discussion.

They have a chance. He attends to her wound. Tose naina…entertains…. He believes Akki is your brother; don’t defend him if he’s wrong; I’m afraid I’ll lose you. Ram’s habits, according to Vedika, have shifted. Tarun says, “I’m not sure.” She believes I know Ram will eat aloo parathas and then refuse to attend the Lohri function. Everyone arrives for breakfast. Shivi is consoled by Nandini. Ram appears. According to Nandini, I have decided that Ram and Priya will celebrate their first Lohri. Ram says there is no need. Nandini claims that because I have three children, I must see them all. Ram says he doesn’t want to go, but Shivi’s happiness is important. She claims that she will never forgive Akki for wrongdoing, but she promises that she will keep her promise and go to Shashi’s house to celebrate. Vedika becomes enraged.


Priya saves Ram and is involved in an accident. Ram hugs her and says, “I love you, Priya!”