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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 108

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 108 | 26 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram begins the episode by caring for Priya. He becomes enraged at Akki. She claims you have hurt me because you trust Anjali rather than us. He claims you have always been supportive of women. She says, I can see that girl is a liar, she accused Akki, she told me another story, she called me in the outhouse, she said she heard two people talking, one of them calling me Priya Bhabhi, I also heard a story, I’m not in a rush, it could be Sid or Shubham. Wait, you mean Shubham will do this to Shivi? He can’t burn down her house, he says. She says, “I know, so I’m using my words correctly, and I’m not accusing Shubham, who calls me Bhabhi.” He claims Akki can tell, but I don’t believe him. She questions why you had a relationship with us after you had made us wrong so quickly. Ram says, “I believe in love, Priya, Akki broke her heart, and I’m hurt.” She says, “You’re breaking my heart right now; did you try to find out the truth?” She says, “No, you keep your accusations to yourself.” She claims I’m to blame because I couldn’t gain your trust. She leaves. He sobs and apologizes to his father for choosing the wrong man for Shivi. She sobs when she sees him.

Shashi visits Mahender’s home. Mahender invites him in. Shashi claims you’ve been working for me for years and that you’ll do anything for money. Yes, Mahender, please sit. Shashi says you have to finish my last task; you can do it, an accident… Mahender inquires as to whose. Ram is your son-in-law, according to Shashi. Mahender inquires.

Priya is on the phone with Meera. Meera says, “Don’t drag your marriage into this; when your father and I divorced, I had a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders; it’s difficult to maintain relationships.” Priya says you said a relationship is strong because of faith, but Ram doesn’t trust us, and when he cries, I don’t know what to do. Meera inquires as to what happened to him. Priya says he doesn’t think he can protect his family, that he can’t keep his promise to his father, that he feels helpless, that the wound is getting deeper, and that he doesn’t know how to heal it. Meera claims that when you saw me in pain, you became enraged. Priya affirms. Meera claims you used to be hurt, which begs the question, why? Priya responds, “Because I love you.” Meera informs you that you have received your response. Priya says she’ll call you later. Ram comes to mind.

She claims I’m simply perplexed. She obtains the license plate. Shashi claims you recall that license plate. Yes, Mahender says. Shashi demands that you complete my assignment. He makes a threat. I can’t do this, Mahender says, because Ram is my son-in-law. Shashi says, “Think about what Ram will do if he finds out you caused his accident.” Priya keeps the license plate. She claims that our relationship has evolved into something akin to a license plate and that he no longer requires my services. Ram is currently with Adi. Adi requests that he refrain from drinking. He inquires as to why you fought with Priya. Ram says Shivi and her mother are also crying; Priya married Shivi and Akki; I stood by Priya; she is unable to see her brother’s error. He discusses his father’s accident. He claims he has no idea who that man was or how the accident occurred. No, Mahender says, I can’t do it. Shashi displays a one-crore cheque. He says, “Think about it, if Ram goes out of his way, Shubham will get the business, he has no sense, they will come to me, I’m keeping the Lohri party at home, you do this work, think well, I don’t care for Priya, you care for her, Priya will get a lot if Ram dies, you will also benefit then.” He hands over the check and says, “Think about it.” He walks away.

Everyone is expecting something from me, Ram says, Shivi is my child, and today I can’t do anything for her because of me. He sobs. He requests Adi’s assistance. He says, “I feel guilty; find the person who caused Dad’s accident; I know it’s been many years, but I want to find him.” According to Adi, this is an old incident. Ram says, “I’ll never forget that day, the truck driver vanished, forensics said the number plate was missing, someone removed it, and I have a feeling there’s some connection.” Adi claims that you believe the truck driver did it on purpose. Ram says, “I don’t know; I feel like a failed son; I failed again, Shivi.” Adi sobs and embraces him. He tells you to come home. Ram says no, I’m fine, go home, and leave me alone for a while. Please don’t cry, Adi says. Adi departs. Priya shows up. She claims you have high blood pressure and that you drink. He makes an argument. She claims we had a fight, but in a marriage like this, I won’t forget anything. Ram says I’m going to use this coupon for a taunt-free day. She says, “All right, come home with me.” The bottle topples. Priya, he says… He notices Vedika. He thinks Priya isn’t here, so I’m on my own. Come home with me, she says. She accepts him. Adi and Brinda are watching. Vedika, according to Adi, is after Ram. Brinda says she’ll see Vedika now, and Shashi is the game’s link.


Priya saves Ram and is involved in an accident. He hugs her and says, “I love you, Priya.”