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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 107

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 107 | 25 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram begins the episode by saying, “I didn’t mean that.” He chooses Shubham. Priya weeps when she sees Ram. Ram’s horns. Sara, take Akki home, Meera says. Sara and Akki walk away. Anjali, according to Priya, lied about Akki. Meera says, “I know Akki isn’t wrong; go home now; Shivi and Ram are upset; they need you; we’re with Akki.” Priya returns home. Shashi claims that all of the bills have been paid, and Ram is a friend of mine. Vedika approaches and taunts him. She claims Ram saved you because you are my husband and he can’t see how worried I am because you don’t fly. He requests that she leave. She tells me that Ram is now mine, and that I can separate Ram and Priya. She explains what she did. He believes Priya will never accept the blame being placed on her brother. She claims that she can do anything, that Ram and Priya are feuding, and that you can challenge her. He says, “You can try, but I’m not Ram, and I’m not going to let you win.” She says, “I’m going to divorce you and marry Ram, I’m going to end your and Ram’s friendship, I hate annoying people, I’m sorry.” He becomes enraged and yells, “You will return to me, Vedika, you will beg me to accept you, and I will snatch you from Ram again.” Priya returns home. She notices that everyone is crying for Shivi. Shubham becomes enraged. Mami instructs Priya to contact the police immediately. Ram advises not involving Priya in this. We can’t expect this from Priya, says Vedika. Priya claims that Anjali is lying, and I know Akki. Shivi claims Akki deceived her. Shivi, according to Nandini, this marriage should not have happened. You were deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf She inquires of Ram, “What did we gain by doing good?” Mami orders that Akki be imprisoned for fraud and blackmail. Anjali, according to Shubham, refused. Mami speculates that she may have become afraid of defamation. Shubham remembers Anjali asking them for money, and she has to leave. He notices Vedika.

Nandini claims that Shivi was wronged, but she does not know who will seek justice for Shivi. Think of Shivi, says Vedika, before going to the police. Nandini claims that she will never want Priya to choose between Akki and Ram, but she was wrong about Shivi. Vedika says, “I understand the anguish of a broken marriage.” Mami says they will cry the most for different reasons, but what about Shivi? If her father was still alive today, he would not have allowed this marriage to take place. Shubham claims that his father would not have spared Akki, and Mami is correct. Ram sobs. Shivi, according to Shubham, is not an orphan; I am alive. Ram says, “Pay attention to what I’m saying.” Shubham says no, Shivi looks at me, Ram is there for us, his hand on our heads, tell me yes or no. Ram says he agrees with you. Ram, according to Shubham, will always be with us. Shivi hugs Ram and asks if he is with her. Ram responds, “Always.” They embrace Ram. Priya enters her room and sobs. She claims Anjali is deceiving her. She claims I forgot Ram’s birthday didn’t come to an end. She notices the gifts. She notices Meera’s present and reads the note.

Ram appears. She claims I was hoarding the gifts. Ram assists her. He reads Meera’s note as well. He claims to be Akki’s brother, but whatever happened, I can’t forgive him. She says she’ll send you some medications. He expresses his gratitude to Meera for this gift. He takes her hand in his. She receives Sara’s phone call. Sara inquires if Akki came to meet Shivi. Priya says, “I’ll see.”

Nandini claims that Ram is on our side and that we will keep Priya away from Ram. Shubham responds, “I got it.” She walks away. Mami notices Priya and compliments Vedika. Priya is leaving. Akki returns home and declares, “I came to meet Shivi.” Shubham advises him to go and meet her. He thrashes Akki. Akki claims I did nothing. Shubham outperforms him. Priya appears and rushes to Akki’s aid. She trips and falls. Akki becomes enraged and assaults Shubham. Ram approaches and stops them. Priya questions who you are to beat Akki and how dare you. Ram inquires, “Are you telling me this?” Ram expresses gratitude that Shubham did not send Akki to jail. Priya, according to Mami, must have called Akki here. Priya requests that Ram give Akki a chance. She claims that this was always the case with me and Akki. She asks Akki to accompany her home. Nandini chastises her and Akki. Akki says, “I’ve told you this many times, I didn’t do anything wrong, Shivi is my wife, and I’m taking my wife with me.” Nandini says, “Great dare, Shivi and you are getting divorced, get out.” Akki departs. Vedika believes that everyone’s marriage is falling apart here, just as I predicted. Priya enters the room. She sobs as she sees her wound and realizes how much my brother has been insulted.

Priya saves Ram and is involved in an accident. He hugs her and yells, “Get up!” I adore you, Priya.