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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 106

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 106 | 24 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Maitri fighting with Priya. She claims that you are not the same Priya as before, that you previously sacrificed your love for me, and that you should now avoid my husband. Priya is perplexed. Akki arrives at the bakery and enters. Outside, Ram is waiting. Priya inquires, “Did you get angry?” Neeraj and I don’t even exchange words. Maitri counters with a counter-argument. She claims you still have a warm spot for Neeraj and that you married Ram in order to disrespect him. Priya claims she isn’t interested in him, but Ram is always willing to aid my family, as well as those he doesn’t like. They have a disagreement. Maitri gives Priya the photos from the party and wants her to reveal the truth. Ram notices Shubham and Shivi approaching. He chases them down. Akki converses with Anjali. Shivi and Shubham arrive and observe. Anjali is asked to leave by Akki. She claims that I shall be in charge of my own life. He claims that everything has gone wrong and that he will take care of his own affairs. They have a disagreement.

You didn’t purchase me, and you can’t threaten me, Anjali adds, so I’m not sure which I’d rather have: the truth or the money you gave me. I’m not going to ruin my life for you, says Akki. Shubham exclaims, “How dare you!” When Akki sees Shivi, he is taken aback. Shubham chastises Akki. Shivi inquires as to what is going on. Shubham says, “Tell me, Shivi, you’re cheating.” That is not the case, according to Akki. Shubham yells at him. Akki puts his hand on his shoulder. Ram approaches him and takes his hand in his. Priya appears and asks whether you will raise your hand to Ram. Shubham, says Akki… Shubham says you’re lying and that you’re cheating. Maitri, you did well, thank you, and that’s why I married you, adds Neeraj. Vedika claims you persuaded Maitri, but she refused. He refuses, claiming that she can do anything for me since she is afraid that I will abandon her. She exclaims, “Thank God, I heard Priya and Anjali’s conversation,” and then she says, “I followed Anjali.” She remembers first meeting Anjali.

She claims that Shubham would persuade Anjali to state that Ram and Priya will battle for their families, that they are near to arriving at their destination, and that their marriage will end. Shivi displays the photos and claims that they are having an affair, that he lied to me and came here to meet Anjali. Priya asked me to come to the bakery, according to Ram. Did she know? Priya claims that Anjali requested that I call you here. Anjali claims that she had no affair with Akki and that he forced her to do so by blackmailing and threatening her.

Akki claims she is a liar. Shivi slaps him across the face and scolds him. Priya claims you told her something different. Yes, Anjali responds, you didn’t want to hear anything negative about your brother. Priya inquires as to why you are lying. Shivi sobs. Akki is stopped by Ram. Anjali, according to Priya, is lying. Priya and Anjali have a disagreement.

Priya claims that Akki and I were looking into it. Ram says no, and Akki has requested me not to look into it since he does not want Shivi to be hurt. Anjali is lying when Akki claims that someone threatened him with sending the photos to Shivi. Ram interrogates Akki about his investment deception. Someone was blackmailing me, according to Akki. Shivi inquires as to why you lied to me. Anjali declares, “Enough is enough; I can’t live in dread.”

She makes a threat to Akki. You should be ashamed, according to Priya. Anjali believes you should both be humiliated because Akki was blackmailing me. Ram adds, “I heard everything, and I apologize.” Priya claims to be lying. If Akki does something wrong, Ram says he will be punished. Shubham beams. Ram tells Anjali that she does not need to do anything because he will provide her with financial security. Anjali is leaving. Ram invites Shivi to accompany him. Is it good if he claims Shivi will stay with me till the truth is revealed? Priya says, “As you wish.” I’m not a cheater, according to Akki. Meera and Sara show up. Meera intervenes and stops Ram. She thinks you’re taking a major stride forward. Ram claims that something significant occurred. Shivi becomes nauseous. I’ll take Shivi home because Shubham claims she’s dizzy. He asks Meera if she will intervene because Shivi is his sister. Meera begs Ram to put a stop to it. Aunty, Ram says don’t get in the way. Meera becomes depressed.


In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 106 Promo, Priya saves Ram by appearing in front of him. She is involved in an accident. He gives her a hug and tells her to stand up. He exclaims, “Priya, I like you!”