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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 105

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 105 | 21 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya strolling on the street and starting to think of her connections. She comes across a pair. She remembers Ram and her experience. She believes I must choose between Akki and Shivi as the proper person to stand with. She receives a phone call. Ram inquires as to your whereabouts. She claims she’s going home, and you agreed we’d meet at 5 p.m. Yes, he says. She says, “I’m on my way, I’m getting there.” She feels I don’t have proof, therefore I shouldn’t tell him; I’ll tell him when I do. Mama ji is summoned by Shashi to meet Mahender. Mama ji inquires as to what is going on. Vedika is after Anjali, according to Shashi, and you know who did it. Shubham is allegedly doing this with Sid, according to Mama ji. I know, Mahender assisted me in discovering Anjali, Priya wants to identify the culprit, Sid will be apprehended, and Ram will not abandon Shubham, says Shashi. Ram, according to Mama ji, adores Shubham. Shashi claims that Vedika is a Naagin, that she can deceive anyone, that you kept her at home, that you should speak to Nandini, and that you are unaware that Vedika has challenged me.

Mahender claims that he knows Ram and Vedika, that she gets what she wants, and that she is after Ram right now. Adi approaches Ram and inquires about Vedika. He claims that this isn’t Vedika’s residence, but rather yours, that you left with her, and that you fell in love with her. Ram inquires as to what is wrong, and I respond that I am dealing with a sensitive situation. It’s not okay, Adi adds, because Vedika is with you. What does Ram mean when he says your tone isn’t right? Adi tells Priya that you don’t get senti, that you went to the bakery with Vedika and cut the cake, and that you told her everything. You’re attempting to accuse me of cheating on my wife, Ram says. Sara knows everything about Vedika and your relationship, therefore Adi says no. Sara trusts you to reveal everything to Priya, so please accept my apologies. He gives Ram a hug and then walks away. Shubham inquires about Vedika’s whereabouts. Vedika calls him and tells him that she has a solution to his dilemma. I can’t believe this, he continues, you found Anjali, right? Ram believes I married Shivi for Shivi’s sake; did I misunderstand Akki? Ram considers what he should do and how he should resolve the situation. He takes a step back. Priya buys him lilies and wishes him a happy birthday. Ram wraps his arms around her. Tere kareeb aa raha raha raha raha raha raha raha raha raha Ram, says Priya….

Ram recalls their encounters. He expects Priya to slap me. She wonders what I’m feeling because he might believe I’m after him. He considers making a joke to lighten the mood. She thinks to herself, “I’ll have to crack a joke, it’ll be strange to smile,” and “What’s going on, did I get drunk again?” She receives a phone call. She manages to flee. He says to pick up the phone. He walks away. Priya, Anjali asks, “Will you help me or not?” Priya inquires as to what you mean. Anjali says she’s terrified and wants to meet you in your cafe today. Priya says it’s all right. Come there with Ram, Anjali says. We’ll be there, Priya says. When she goes outside, she notices Ram with the flowers. She claims that she has some work and that she will inform you of the situation at the bakery. Okay, he says. She apologizes, explaining that she is doing this for Akki and Shivi. Shivi notices the photos from the celebration. She asks Akki to have a look. He says, “I’m thinking about doing something.” He considers telling her the truth. He receives a call from Anjali. I’m going to meet Priya at the bakery, Anjali says. Now he inquires? She switches off. He insists that I go to the gym. He walks away. She stows the envelope in her handbag. She notices the photos of Akki and Anjali. She keeps an eye on Akki. She notices him on his way to the bakery. He allegedly lied to me, according to her. Shubham appears and inquires as to your purpose for being here. She requests that you rush me to the bakery. He believes Vedika’s plan was successful. Priya claims that she found Anjali and spoke with her. Ram inquires whether she said anything. Yes, Priya says. He believes we are one person rather than two. They make it to the bakery. He believes you will not be punished as a result of Akki, but I know you will be. They converse. Maitri appears and says, “I need to speak with Priya right away.” We can chat later, Priya says. Ram invites them to converse. He believes Priya has discovered Akki’s truth, and she is concerned that Akki is betraying Shivi and Priya’s confidence.


In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 105 Promo, Priya saves Ram but is struck by a truck. Ram begs her to rise, saying that he can’t live without her and that he loves her. He yells Priya’s name and embraces her.