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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 104

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 104 | 20 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ram saying  “I’m going to go home early and inform Priya about Vedika and me.”  Someone is trying to cause a gap between Priya and you, according to Adi. Ram inquires as to who will carry out this task, as there was only family there. Vedika arrives and introduces herself to Ram. She asks Adi if she can speak with Ram privately. Ram adds, “Don’t go; I didn’t finish.” I’ll stay outdoors, Adi says. He leaves. Ram tells Vedika not to take the rose away. But, as Vedika points out, you prefer roses. He remembers what Vedika and Priya said. Hand it over to me, he says. I have to explain you something, Shivi is just like family to me, and I told you I would do everything to protect her. Yes, he says, but why are you informing me this now? She claims that whatever occurred to Akki was not planned. He says, “You do not even know Akki, and I’m not interested in talking.” Neeraj notified me that she claimed she had gone to the bank. He inquires as why you’re conversing with Ram. She continues, “I know you don’t like him,” and that “you know somebody used to send money to Anjali,” which Neeraj informed me about. He inquires about whose account it is. She claims that Akki’s producer is to blame, but you know how the entertainment world works. He inquires, “What are you saying?” You don’t know Akki, he says. He says I’m emotional and you’re realistic, so I can always choose Akki over Neeraj. She says you just see the good in others, you’re so good. She responds alright, I’m not going to speak to Neeraj, should we wait for Shivi to make a mistake, and why did Priya take a step back? Ram claims that I stopped her because Akki does not want Shivi to find out and be hurt. She claims that Akki is trying to hide the truth from her. Anjali is greeted by Shubham and Raj. The door is opened by someone. Ram informs me that I need to speak with Priya. Vedika inquires as to why; it is not her fault; better offer her the good news by verifying Akki’s innocence; you can do the same for Priya. Okay, he says, I’ll see what I can do. She claims that I am present and that I will never abandon the cause. Shubham wonders where Anjali is. Anjali visits Ram in his workplace.

Shubham phones Vedika and informs her that Anjali is not present. Vedika replies alright, but we’ll be confined for a long time. Anjali is the one in charge. Vedika claims that I persuaded Ram to believe that Akki could be mistaken. Sara had invited Akki and Shivi to meet her. We’ve come to meet Ram, Shivi says, but I don’t like taking cabs. Ram, according to Shivi, does not take anything from the younger ones. Sara claims that any tiny present from you will be appreciated by Ram. Ram appears. Shivi and Akki send their best wishes to Ram. Vedika appears on the scene. Sara wonders why she came here; she appears to be everywhere. Priya apologizes for not being able to attend the meeting, but thanks for coming. Anjali claims that a member of your family is involved. Priya inquires as to who. Sara inquires of Vedika, “Where has your spouse gone?” Vedika assures him that he will be alright. Sara advises that you maintain the lines of communication open. Ram inquires, “How are you doing?” Akki responds, “I heard the firing ceased.” Yes, Akki adds, “I’m fine,” adding, “I’ve started giving fresh auditions.” Shivi claims that he saves money, invests it to expand it, and then spends it on the cake. She goes to the store to fetch the candles. Ram inquires as to where you put the money. Vedika advises that instead of taking his class, you should seek Ram’s guidance next time. Yes, Akki says. Ram asks, “Where did you invest?” purely out of curiosity. Akki mentions a care fund. She exclaims, “Well chosen.” The candles are lit by Shivi and Sara. Ram extinguishes the candles and slices the cake. Vedika reaches into Shivi’s bag and pulls out an envelope. Ram is fed the cake by her. Anjali claims she didn’t see his face; trust me, I’m not lying; my career has already been gone. Akki advised me to go to the police station; I made a terrible mistake by not following his advice. Don’t worry, Priya replies, you saw his face. No, Anjali adds, he was talking about 5%, and there were two of them, one of whom was addressing you as Bhabhi. Priya suspects Shubham of being the perpetrator.


Are you sure? she inquires. They were discussing a 5% partnership, according to Anjali. Priya replies, “I understand who he is; he will be punished; he attempted to damage Akki’s life and career; it is wrong to force a woman to do this.” She phones Twinkle and tells her that she is giving Anjali to her, that she should keep her at home, and that she will come and explain everything to her. Priya suggests that Anjali travel to Twinkle’s house, where she will be protected. Anjali expresses her gratitude to her. Priya says, “I have to inform Ram about this.” Will Ram believe me? She makes her way to Ram’s cabin. She inquires of Tarun about Ram’s whereabouts. He says he has no idea. She says, “I’ll call Ram and ask him,” implying that because she is his wife, she has the authority to do so. Shubham appears and says, “I’ve prepared a presentation, and I’d like your feedback.” Mama ji congratulates him. Priya believes Anjali informed me about the two individuals. Mama ji inquires if you would like to meet Ram, who was out with Vedika. Priya says it’s fine, and she’ll go. She walks away.

Priya is looking for Anjali, according to Shubham, and if she finds out, we’re out. Mama ji inquires if Priya was aware of your actions. Shubham claims she would have imprisoned us. Mamaji receives a call from Shashi. He leaves the house. Ram and Vedika had returned home. Is everything okay with you? she inquires. When Ram phones Rohit, he says, “You deal with care fund investors, right?” and asks him to tell him about Akshay’s investment. According to Rohit, no one with this name exists. Ram considers his options. Vedika apologizes, “I didn’t want to be true, but it was critical to learn the truth.” She smiles and thinks to herself, “All I have to do now is find Anjali.”


Vedika dials Shubham’s number and informs him that she has discovered something. He inquires as to whether you have located Anjali. Shubham and Shivi come upon Akki and Anjali. Priya and Ram arrive.