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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 103

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 103 | 19 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya expressing, “I feel like everyone is going to leave me.” She wants to know what you think. Ram claims that Mahender and Neeraj are incorrect. Right, she says you adore Neeraj. I didn’t take his name, he says. Then starts  rain. Let me go under the rain, he says. No, she replies, it’s nasty, and you’ll get cold. He presents the coupon and says, “You promised me that you would get beneath the raindrops with me.” Why would I do this, she continues, if you’re lying. I adore rains, he replies, and you promised me that. Shashi, Vedika adds, “I saw Mahender leave.” So what, Shashi says, he works for me. She claims you employ his kid, so why did you send him to Ram’s party? He inquires as to why I would send him there, as well as what new game you are playing and whether you want to catch Ram.

She claims she left you because you lied to her and became bankrupt as a result of your deception. He claims that Ram paid the money and rectified everything, and that he will see him because he lied about beating him. She claims that because she is with Ram, no one can hurt her. He claims that Ram no longer loves you. She promises that she will show you her old Ram’s rage for you. She walks away. Priya claims I didn’t keep my word. You don’t break anyone’s heart, Ram replies; it’s my birthday, and you’re Mrs. Priya Kapoor. She thinks I’m insane. Please, he says. She says it’s OK, but you won’t be able to come. He claims that he like rain. She claims that you will become ill, and that if you want me to honor my word, you must do it. Okay, he says, close your eyes. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. He asks her to extend her hand forward. He believes she’s obstinate. She says, “I’m done.” He chuckles. He detangles her tresses. He feels the rain on her hand as he holds her hand. He fixes his gaze on her. Plays…Kabhi jo badal barse….

They chuckle as they play with the rainwater. She claims that she enjoys the rain. He inquires as to what you said. She tells me not to say anything or else my obnoxious image would be ruined. He claims the rain has stopped, so let’s leave. Okay, she says. He warns that if you don’t take care, you’ll fall down. She says no, but I’m sure you’ll hold me, so come. Shubham and Vedika arrive. She claims that we are losing control of the situation. He claims Shivi made a mistake and that she should have married Sid. She says, “Focus on the present,” “Do anything,” “Pretend you’re changing,” “Fake it,” “I have to win this game,” and so on. He inquires as to how long I would be willing to do this, as Priya may meet Anjali, and what should we do. She claims that Raj is our boy, that he is an idiot, and that if we make a mistake, you will lose Ram’s faith, and I will lose Ram. He claims Ram will be completely unaware of the situation.

Shubham goes to Priya and welcomes her in the morning. He says, “All right, Ram requested that I check on you.” He invites Tarun to join him. Tarun is given assistance. Shubham claims you were unaware that you were given alcohol the day before. She inquires as to whether I made any mistakes. He says no, you can’t go wrong, take your medicine, and we’ll start over; you earned my heart by not telling Ram anything. I’m delighted to see you comprehend responsibilities, she says. He says he’ll go, and Ram leaves for the conference as well. She claims, however, that Ram does not attend early meetings. Ram is at work. Adi gets him a cup of coffee. He claims that you are ending meetings ahead of schedule. Ram informs me that I must go at 5 p.m. Adi inquires about Priya’s well-being. Ram responds with yes, no, and I’m not sure. Raj devours his burgers. Vedika’s message reaches Shubham. You work for Shashi, and Shashi works for Ram, so you work for Ram, he argues. Yes, Raj says. Shubham inquires as to why you came to the celebration. Raj claims that I was requested to accompany Priya and Sara to meet Anjali. Shubham inquires, “Do you know where Anjali is?” Yes, Raj says.

Take me to her, Shubham says. Ram claims that he hasn’t celebrated his birthdays till now due of his father, and that he proposed to Vedika with love. Adi wonders what will happen next. Ram claims that my past is solely about them, but the strange thing is that when that tape played, that feeling that wouldn’t let me move on, I didn’t feel it this time. Adi grins. What shall I think of Ram’s statement that I was injured because of Priya, and that she would be affected if she learned the truth? Shubham dials Vedika’s number. She says, “Come soon, I’m meeting Ram.” Shashi, she adds, “I’m going to finish this drama shortly.” Priya converses with Anjali. Anjali declares, “Now I know who those folks are.” Priya inquires, “Do you know?” Yes, Anjali says, you must meet me. Priya invites her to join her at the family cafe. No, Anjali says, she’ll go somewhere else. Priya summons her to the office. Okay, says Anjali. Priya inquires as to who it is and why she is so tense.



We’ll find Anjali, Vedika promises. Anjali makes a phone call and hears about Akki’s investment. Priya inquires if you have seen their face. No, according to Anjali, one of them was calling you Bhabhi. Priya suspects Shubham of being the culprit.