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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 102

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 102 | 18 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram becoming furious at Neeraj. Neeraj believes Vedika and I intended to irritate you; if Priya finds out about Vedika and you, your marriage would crumble. Sara becomes adamant about watching the video. Adi and Kunal inform her that Ram had a past, but he is no longer the same person. Sara is watching the video. Ram wonders if Vedika will say yes. Kunal says yes, then no female can say no to you. Vedika approaches Ram and inquires as to what he is doing. Ram says, “I want to tell you that I love you a lot, no one can love you like me, I wanted to propose to you on Valentine’s Day but I couldn’t wait, I know you’re wealthy, I’m not close, give me a chance, I’ll do anything, I love you a lot.” Vedika inquires, “Did you get roses to propose?” Ram adds, “I know you like lilies, but I don’t have much money.” She claims I would have said yes if you had lilies, but you already know my answer: yes. He holds her and tells her, “I promise you, I will always love you.” She adds, “I also adore you.” Everyone exchanges hugs.

Ram enters his room. Priya is standing on the table, and he notices her. Priya asks whether you haven’t climbed on the table before. He inquires, “Did you see?” She speculates that someone else may have climbed on your behalf. He says I stood on it, we’ll discuss later, I’m not sure how to respond, you say you don’t care, get down. She says, “OK, I’d want to change this bulb; can you do it?” He wonders why I would know. He claims you won’t find out about it. He motions for her to get down. She staggers. She asks, “Did you think I’d fall in your arms, you’re a hero?” She takes a seat. He inquires as to why you came with Neeraj. She wonders how he got in between you and me, there is only you and me, I don’t see anyone except you, I worked hard all day, I got these roses for you, I know you like lilies, not roses, but it’s not roses’ fault. She embraces him. She exclaims, “Party, friends, cake, birthday list checked,” then adds, “You didn’t invite me to the party.” He claims you were out and about with Neeraj. She inquires as to why you place so much emphasis on him, and whether you have fallen in love with him. He takes a glance at her. She inquires with Neeraj. She chuckles. He claims you scared him. She adds, “You’re Sadu, and you always talk about Neeraj.” She says, “I came back with you, and we were sitting here talking.” He inquires as to when. She claims that she requested you to stop, that I needed to express my feelings, and that you departed. He inquires, “What were you saying?” “Tell me, I want to hear it,” he says. She says, “I’m not going to ask why you went right now.” He says I’ve arrived; please notify me. Tell me what was so important, she says. He claims that I obtained the cake. She notices the time and wishes you a happy birthday. She presents him with the roses. She embraces him.

He expresses gratitude for making the perfect celebration arrangements. She says, “It’s okay, I’m used to being rejected.” He says, “Come with me, I’ll stop this habit,” “You don’t trust people, give me a chance,” “I didn’t talk to you well,” “Forget about trust issues, trust me.”

Vedika requests that Mama ji and Shubham deliver good news. Shubham claims Anjali did not show up. She says we need to make sure she doesn’t get to Priya. He claims she will not inform us. She says I’ll take care of Priya, and Neeraj will ask her. Mama ji inquires as to how Raj arrived. Shubham agrees, the Soods are losers. Mamaji says Vedika will take care of things, so we’ll go. Vedika inquires as to if Raj arrived. Shubham confirms that he arrived here as a driver. She wonders what’s going on: Raj has arrived, which implies Shashi is keeping an eye on me; what will Shashi do? Mama ji claims he was taken aback when he saw us. Shashi, she believes, knows everything.

Ram expresses gratitude to Priya. He claims that this cake represents my youth and my father’s recollections. Priya says, “I thought I’d give you this gift because you have your father’s affection and his memories, and I really wanted to do this for you.” Ram thinks your father would have adored you. She answers no, no one has said kind things about me, and everyone thinks I’m harsh. No, he adds, my father would have liked you, and everyone likes you. Except for you, she says. It begins to thunder. He invites her to help him cut the cake. She says I’ll gladly do it. Wow, she says, your eyes are so deep. He claims that I am humiliated. She extinguishes the candles. He slices the cake. He feeds the cake to her. He says you learned this from that aunty, and it’s fine, since you’re too good. He sobs. She inquires if you are crying. He adds, “No, Priya, you’ve done a lot for me, and I appreciate it.” You didn’t inform anyone how I gave credit to someone else. She claims I didn’t say anything because I’m afraid of losing everything, so I lie to myself.


Ram and Priya are having fun in the rain. Vedika takes a look at them.