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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 101

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 101 | 17 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Neeraj arriving to call Priya. Ram, he continues, is looking for you. She wonders where Anjali has gone. She says I’ll make a phone call first. She staggers. He invites her to accompany him. She follows him. She hangs up the phone and walks away. Neeraj pursues her. Raj receives Shashi’s call. He walks away. Mama claims that if Priya had come here, Anjali would have been here. Shubham and Mama ji are on the lookout for Anjali. Anjali goes into hiding. Shubham claims that our game will be done soon because there is no one here. Mama ji says we can’t let Priya meet Anjali because then the truth about how we framed Akki will come out. Anjali pays them a visit. She asks who they were, who framed her, and where they looked for Priya’s family. Ram and Adi return to the celebration. Vedika believes I must prevent Ram from using the restroom. She instructs them to stay here while she goes to fetch Priya. Kunal says you’ve been given the party credit; now go handle the guests. They go to investigate. Adi retrieves Priya’s phone. Ram claims that it is Priya’s phone.

Vedika says she will contact Neeraj and inquire about Priya. Ram is in a state of fear as she contacts Neeraj and inquires about Priya’s whereabouts. He claims she is with me and that she left the party because she wanted to go home. She says, “How did you go without telling anyone?” and invites you to return. He claims we’ve come too far; she wasn’t having a good time on Ram’s birthday, so I came to pick her up. Vedika claims it’s fine, that she was just nervous. Kunal claims that you know a lot about her. Ram becomes agitated. Kunal claims you abandoned Ram. Vedika says sure, but I need him now. He takes a glance at her. She claims I have a claim on him. He walks to Ram and says, “How can you be furious with Priya when you have the party credit to Vedika?” Sara says she wanted to make your birthday memorable with this memories; you may not have known her well, but we know she is a genuine person who will never lie to you. Ram believes that when Priya went to cook a cake for me, she should have battled with me. Vedika suggests we cut the cake. Maitri appears and requests Neeraj from Sandy. Vedika suggests that we cut the cake. Ram says no, I will not cut the cake, Kunal packs the cake, Adi takes care of the guests, Vedika sorry, I have to leave, Maitri I will drop you home. She wonders if he went with Priya. Ram says, “I’m sorry, but I’m going to drop you.” He walks away. Kunal cracks a smile. Adi tells Sara not to worry because Ram has gone to see Priya. Kunal mocks Vedika.

Sandy inquires as to what Sara is concealing. Sara thinks we should go check on Anjali. Vikrant inquires if she is present. Sandy answers no, because Akki and Shivi did not show up today. He tells her not to worry and invites her to dinner. Sara says I’ll be there in two minutes. She notices Mama Ji and Shubham approaching. Neeraj asks whether you’re okay, and then says, “I’ll go now.” Priya inquires, “Why would you leave so soon, sit here and chat to me?” He takes a seat. She adds Ram is correct about you; don’t tell him I told you you use a lot of gel in your hair. He inquires as to what nonsense. They have a disagreement.

Yes, she replies, and I still regret my sister marrying a man who uses so much gel in his hair. He claims that you are enraged, that Ram is not present to witness your love for me, that you married Ram to humiliate me, that you still miss me, and that your marriage is a sham. She continues, “Stop, listen to my answer, you keep Maitri happy, right, so I’m pleased, nothing is more important to me than her happiness, so I talk to you gently for her happiness.” He asks if you’re pleased, if you’d want to share your feelings with me, and if you’d like to tell the truth. She responds no, I’m afraid to express my sentiments, but while you’re with me, I stay pleased, and I’m glad to be with you. He cracks a smile. She says, “I always think of you,” and adds, “I don’t know the name of this relation, I can’t say.” He believes I was aware that she still loves me. She claims that this is our truth, Ram. He gets up and walks away.

She inquires as to his whereabouts. She claims she has no idea where he went. Ram and Maitri return home. She notices Neeraj and inquires as to where he has gone. He says Priya needed my assistance, so I came to drop her off. She requests that you leave your wife alone. He adds you should be glad I came to drop her off because Ram was busy with his friends, and I’m her…. Ram adds, “You are her ex, her past; I am her present; Priya is my wife; it is my obligation to care for her; you left Maitri there and came to dump Priya; don’t make this mistake again.” Neeraj claims that because you left Priya at the party, she had to drink. Ram believes she chose Neeraj. Ram claims you might have informed me. Neeraj wonders what you could do because she didn’t want to see your face. Ram says she doesn’t need your assistance because I’m there to take care of her. She apologizes and invites Neeraj to accompany her. Ram’s first and final caution is to stay away from my wife.


Ram offers Priya the coupon and tells her to enjoy the rain. Ram hugs her. Vedika observes.