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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 100

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 100 | 14 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram and Priya doing a dance move on stage. Yaara meri yaara meri yaara meri yaara meri Ram imagines Priya while dancing with Vedika. He notices Priya from afar. Priya is irritated. Neeraj remains by her side. Ram becomes enraged. Vedika believes the party has only just begun; we’ll see what happens next. She says, “Ram, I need to surprise you.” She approaches the man and requests that the video be projected. The video begins to play. Everyone is beaming. You may sit, according to Neeraj. No, says Priya. She believes I became attached to this relationship; but, as evidenced by what occurred today, I am hurt. She leaves. The footage of Ram and Vedika is shown. Priya comes to a halt. In this video, Kunal claims Ram proposed to Vedika. Sara is concerned. Kunal takes out the plugs. Priya takes a turn. Vedika becomes enraged.

Ram reappears. He notices Priya walking away. Priya believes I misunderstood him and that he was confessing his love for me. She walks away. Ram inquires as to who viewed this video. Kunal says he has no idea. I was going to play another video, Vedika claims. Ram inquires as to what this is. She says, “I don’t know, it’s my error,” and adds, “There’s someone who doesn’t want Priya and you to be happy.” Kunal says she’s right; someone is trying to separate you and Priya; don’t get worked up; I won’t rest till we find out.

Sandy says it’s time to cut the cake, so why are you so tense? We’ll call Priya if Adi doesn’t say anything. Adi and Ram leave the house. Priya’s fate, according to Mama ji, is always on her side. I can’t lose, Vedika thinks, because Ram’s pals always do something. Priya is with Neeraj. She says don’t bother with me; I’ll take care of myself. She leaves. Adi inquires about Priya’s whereabouts. She claimed she wanted to be alone for a while, according to Neeraj. Adi is perplexed. They’ve returned. It’s the same dessert, according to Adi. Sandy claims that Ram’s father used to get this cake, and Priya has requested us to ask you which one you prefer. Ram recalls something. Sara and Priya, according to Sandy, went to that bakery and asked the aunty to create that cake, but the aunty was too old, so Priya prepared it. Ram claims that his father used to get it for him, and that Priya obtained it for him. Yes, Adi adds, she is great; forget about the battles for the time being.

Ram inquires, “Where is Priya?” I’d like to meet her. We’ll cut the cake, Vedika says, and Priya will arrive. Priya should come first, he adds, because she made it for me. He sets out to locate Priya. Shubham claims Vedika isn’t very bright, and Ram isn’t easily distracted. Anjali arrives at the location. Mama ji says we must apprehend Anjali. Anjali walks through the gate. Shubham is seen by Raj. He believes they should be kept in the dark about my plans. Mama ji inquires as to why you have come. Anjali pays a visit to Priya. Raj notices Priya approaching. Priya also walks through the gate. Raj claims that he found out about Ram’s birthday celebration and decided to attend. Shubham is perplexed. Raj claims that I intended to eat here. Priya becomes nauseous. She receives the message from Anjali. She says it’s fine, that Anjali has gone missing, and that I should go talk to her. She yells at her. You came here uninvited, according to Shubham. Raj adds, “If you want, I’ll go.” Shubham claims that you have aided us numerous times and that you are free to do as you choose. They pay a visit to Priya. They have taken to hiding.


Ram says, “Believe in me.” Priya inquires, “Are you in love?” She wraps her arms around Ram. Anjali is scolded by Akki. Shubham chastises Akki. Akki puts his hand on his shoulder. Ram approaches him and takes his hand in his.