Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 9 May 2022 | Episode 181 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 9 May 2022 | Episode 181

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 183 | 11 May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Krish viewing the webcam feed. Adi arrives to see Krish. He claims that he is keeping track of everyone that comes here. Ram agreed to send Priya, Adi claims. Do you trust Shubham, Krish asks? I have a lot of faith in Ram, says Adi. Does Krish inquire of Shubham? You don’t appear to believe in him. I trust Adi, yet I dislike him. Krish says he’d like to know why, but not today because they’re leaving soon. Priya prepares herself by applying the sindoor. Ram appears and assists her in her ornamentation. bade ache…..plays… She says you were worried about the bangles, but don’t fret, everything will be OK. She suggests that we inform Varun and Sara about this when I return. Ram hands her a microphone. He affixes it to her gown. Tum jo milgaye….plays… They have a chance. He says, after meeting that boss, if you fear your life is in danger, remember that someone else will die before you, you know why, because I love you Priya, I can’t live without you. He embraces her. They sob. Shubham and Priya, she explains, will be waiting.

He halts her. She claims you said I have complete authority over you. He says he likes it when you assert your rights against him because it is my right to protect you. She assures me that nothing would happen to me, and we also have Adi and Shubham with us. He confirms, “I’m glad to see Shubham; dad would have been pleased to see him become so responsible.” He mentions his father. She says we’re almost there, we’ll catch the criminal, and I guarantee I’ll be there with you. He believes it’s your way of saying “I love you.” She turns to go. He hugs her and apologizes for not doing everything perfectly. She claims that it has been said but not done.

He is holding her. Shubham arrives. They escape. He says Shivi made something for you, that you are the major guest, and that you will have it quickly. Priya claims to have worked hard. Ram says I’ll take it. Shubham claims I won’t be able to consume it. She explains her strategy. Ram believes Shubham is assisting me, Shivi is cooking for me, and Priya is present; I hope everything remains the same. Varun turns out the lights. Shubham goes to double-check. Varun hears a man say, “Ram’s room light went out, check.” Varun claims that I had to turn off the presidential lights. Something is wrong, according to Ram. Priya tells Shubham to calm down and go check. Shubham affirms.

Tell them it’s my resort, I bought it, and I need to move my bags to the presidential suite. Shubham is leaving. Priya, Ram says you’re not going. She invites him to unwind and drink some water. She says she’ll speak with Krish. She phones Krish and informs him that our room light has gone off. Varun hides when Krish says, “I feel something is wrong.” Krish inquires as to if Shashi is present. Varun considers what he should do next. He walks away. Krish says he’ll check and get back to you. Everyone is pleased with the preparations. Ishaan believes Shivi will be punished. Priya tells Ram to unwind. He claims that only our room light had gone out.

Krish, she continues, is smart and intelligent, and he will manage it. Ram claims you lavish him with praise. She claims he’s incredibly smart, that every female used to like him, that their boyfriends used to make similar faces, and I understand. Even if you’re polite, he continues, you’ll torture me. They both smile. Shubham informs me that your belongings have been relocated to the presidential suite. Priya expresses gratitude to him. He inquires of Nandini how his perfect brother is behaving. She challenges him to perform admirably in front of Ram. She addresses her sacrifice. He inquires as to what. She requests that he keep an eye on her. Krish confirms that I was correct: the fuse had fallen to the floor. When Ram says it can’t fall on its own, that suggests it was done on purpose.

Nandini approaches Meera and compliments Priya. They have a strong bond. Shubham observes. Varun is currently with Sara. She suspects he’s lying, but she’s not sure why. Varun embraces Ishaan. I tried to review the footage but there was some technical footage, I assume Shashi is behind this, we need to see Santosh, Krish says. Ram warns Priya to be cautious. Sara approaches Priya to speak with her. She claims that it is critical. Priya follows her. Adi appears and states, “I didn’t find anything, and I didn’t see Shashi.” Ram says it’s good news, correct? Krish believes that Shashi’s man has done this. Varun believes I will mistreat Ram.


Priya is experiencing nausea. Sandy claims Ram is about to become a father. Ram believes I’m about to become a father. He announces that Priya is pregnant. Priya is taken aback. Ram does a dance with Shivi.