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The episode begins by Meera asking Priya if she is worried. Priya says no, it’s Ram’s fault, and I have to listen to the reprimand; Ram didn’t ask Nandini about reopening his father’s case or Ishaan’s studies abroad; it’s my fault that he asked me, not Nandini, but Nandini felt bad. Meera says you felt bad, right, when Ram calls me mum and stays around, you feel bad that I’m not paying attention to you, you have to understand that Ram and Nandini are mother and son, Ram would always take her advice, now he shares things with you, any mother will feel bad, she will feel that her son changed, Ram has to keep a balance in wife and mother, Ram has to keep a balance in wife and mother, Ram has to keep a balance in wife and mother.

Priya meets Santosh, the manager. She says she needs to speak with you. He receives a phone call. His wife claims that Mini was denied admission to a coaching class and that she must act quickly or her one year will be wasted. Priya says she can assist you; she also runs a coaching class; I’ll see what I can do; please provide me with your daughter’s contact information. He tells the story of his daughter Meenakshi. She assures me that I will complete the work, but I must make a request. Ishaan arrives and retrieves the printout. Priya says she’ll come over to talk to you. Santosh says it’s fine if it’s bothering you. She says no, I will do it. She considers discussing the accident.

Sara inquires if he said anything else. Ram says no, stating that he needs some fresh air. Varun is said to despise beaches, so I’m surprised he didn’t say anything else, sorry Ram, maybe you’re in a hurry. Ram claims that I have something important to share with you. He then goes to see Krish and Priya. No means no, according to Ram. Priya says I’ll go, and he’ll accept my assistance. Ram says, “I bought this resort; the manager is now my employee; he will give me all information in exchange for his job; I will not harm your life; you are my wife; I hired Krish to guide me and side you.” She claims that this was Krish’s idea.

Ram inquires, “What, next time, share your ideas with me, I’m the client?” Krish says, “Priya, Ram is paying me for that, and it’s a bad idea.” Ram agrees with me. Krish advises him to go alone. Ram advises Priya to avoid this situation. He walks away. Krish says he would not agree; he is my client, and I cannot upset him; you are husband and wife, and you will persuade him anyhow; it will be better if you go there. Shashi pushes and threatens Varun. Varun says you want share transfer papers; they’re in the resort; if Ram gets them, he’ll know that it was your Sasur ji who wanted to give him the share, not you. So you’re alive, Shashi says, find the papers and get it for me, we won’t always be lucky, what do you want, your son sees you in jail? Varun declines. Shashi requests that he locate the papers. Ishaan comes across the recipe printouts. He believes that this will now become muddled. Akki approaches him and speaks to him. According to Ishaan, science is his only passion. He believes it will be extremely stupid if she does not read it. Akki hands him tea bags to use in his experiment. He asks her to keep Shivi at a distance. He wishes you all the best and says, “I love you.” Ram carries the microphone in his pocket.

Priya says, “I don’t want to argue with you; you should go this way; you lost your father in that accident; you should go to that manager and ask everything.” Shivi says it’s a difficult task, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to complete it. Akki requests that she resign. She says, “I’ll cook it myself and make it, it’s not difficult, get out, don’t distract me.” He poses for a selfie with her. She claims it is very simple. She reads the recipe and becomes perplexed. She speculates that it could be a fusion cake. Ishaan observes and says, “I knew it, idiot.” Ram and Priya have an argument about emotions. He claims that emotions have an effect. She claims you don’t tell anything to mom, and when you hide things, she becomes even more concerned, believing you’ve forgotten about her. He asks, “Does she think so?” It’s a misunderstanding, he says, and he can fix it. She claims that you became enraged after discovering that your father’s accident was not typical. Yes, he says, and anyone would be angry. She confirms that you have hired a private investigator and asks if you will continue the case if I am kidnapped. No way, he says. She says, “I know your duty is to protect me, but you can’t close the case, you’re emotional, and you shouldn’t go to meet with the manager.” Shivi prepares the cake. Ishaan cracks a smile. She believes I am doing something wrong. He inquires, “Did you lose?”

Shivi claims that while she enjoys coffee, she is not a fan of tea. He claims I came to assist him. She inquires as to why, and if you are a cake expert. She requests that he leave. Ram claims that he promised to protect you, that he married you, and that he will not abandon you. Shubham and Nandini show up. He says I’ll go along with it. I agree, she says. Ram inquires as to what you are saying. Priya says we’ll ask her mother. She asks Nandini who should accompany her to meet with the manager. Nandini asks if you’re sure you want to go. Ram affirms. She believes Shubham and Priya should accompany her. Ram inquires as to why. Shubham claims it is my responsibility to ensure Priya’s safety. Allow him to assist, she says. Okay, Ram says. Shubham hands over the resort registration paperwork.

Ram says I need to ask you a question and seek your advice. Nandini inquires. Ram says, “I was thinking about buying Shubham’s resort; you’ll like it.” Nandini inquires if you truly believe this. He asks, “What do you want?” It matters what you think because this resort will be named after Shubham. He embraces Nandini. She walks away.



Priya vomits. Ram inquires as to what happened. Ram, according to Sandy, is going to become a father. Ram informs Priya that she is pregnant. Priya is taken aback.