Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 4 May 2022 | Episode 178 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 4 May 2022 | Episode 178

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The episode begins with Priya arriving at the party. Shivi will become enraged if she does not dress appropriately for the bling party, according to Akki. He goes out and buys an outfit for her. She picks up the dupatta and puts it on. Akki congratulates her. She looks around and notices Ram. She visits Ram. Ram inquires as to where I kept it. She inquires as to what. He exclaims, “Black goggles, you truly appear so beautiful, you are a true moon, faultless.”

He tries to take the bangle off. She walks away, saying, “Nice attempt.” He advises that if the bangles are bothering you, you should take them off. She claims that the reaction isn’t caused by the bracelet. She walks away. He believes you never lose, which is why I have lost my heart to you.

You’re hurt, but you’re not removing that bangle; you must remove the bangle; you’re not more stubborn than I am. Akki inquires about Mami’s whereabouts. Nandini claims that she went to her friend in rage. Meera welcomes her. Varun and Ishaan are introduced by her. Ishaan claims to be Varun’s son. Someone isn’t a mother’s son, Nandini remarks. She takes a phone call.

Sara approaches Ishaan and asks if she can get something for him. No, he says, I’m not hungry. Varun goes out and brings him some munchies. Ishaan requests that he feed. Sara departs. Ishaan, according to Priya, needs time to bond with you. Meera summons Ram. Ram compliments her and gives her a hug. Priya smiles as she sees them. Priya, according to Ram, is nothing in front of you.

You are the genuine article. Meera thinks you’re a jerk. Shivi approaches and asks, “Why are you laughing?” He invites him to accompany him because he has some work to do. She brings Ram with her. Meera instructs Sara and Priya to accompany her to assist Ram.

Varun expresses gratitude to Ishaan, I’m not sure why Priya is going there abruptly; they didn’t tell me anything, and I don’t want to irritate your mother. How can I find out why they’re heading there suddenly? Ishaan says I can look into it. Shivi says, “This time, I’ll give the honor to Ram, and he’ll decide on the celebration.” Okay, Ram, I understand, but it’s your party. Priya requests that Ram inform Shivi about his plans for the day.

Ram recommends singing, dancing, and having fun. Shivi says, “Let’s do this, let’s have some fun.” Everyone applauds. Varun wonders how he will find out.

Akki and Shivi begin the act by bringing Ram along. Tamma Tamma…plays… Sandy joins them as well. Varun dials Shashi’s number and departs. Ram entices Priya to join him on the dance floor. He takes the bangle from her grasp. Priya notices Ram walking away with the bangle in his hand. She pursues him. Varun says, “I’m not sure.” Shashi claims that we must run against the clock in order to be rescued. Varun says I can’t ask Ram directly because he would disbelieve me; I’m keeping a watch on him since one mistake could lead to our capture; please give me some time. He looks around and notices Priya.

Varun hangs up the phone. Priya inquires if you saw Ram go. Varun inquires about what and where. She notices Ram and calls out to him. She apologizes and says, “I’ll talk to you later.” Varun believes I was saved.

Priya claims you refer to her as “stubborn.” Ram confirms that you are and that the bracelet is causing you pain. She says it’s mum’s blessing, it can’t hurt me, and why are you so concerned. I don’t want you to wear this, Ram says. She asks, “Please tell me why you’re worried.” Ram adds the same thing, you were scared earlier, you said it wasn’t our job to look into this subject, it wasn’t safe. He expresses his concern for you. But why, she wonders.

He claims the family will be at the resort, and I don’t want to put your life in danger. She tells you that you are going to take over the resort, that the manager will become your employee, that he will not harm you, and that you will ask basic questions concerning your father’s accident. Varun leaves when he hears this.

Ram wonders if the bangle will injure you. She answers no, because otherwise both of my hands would have developed rashes. He inquires as to how you were injured. He forces her to wear the bangle. After the Alibagh meeting, she decides to expose the truth. Everyone arrives at Alibagh Resort. Ishaan is summoned by Meera. I don’t want to play, according to Ishaan. She accepts him. Nandini inquires if you are aware of the meeting.

Shubham replies no, but Ram says he’ll ask for help if he needs it. She inquires, “Did Ram ever ask for your assistance? Go to him and assist; I will speak with Ram about property share for you and Shivi; assist him.” Akki appears and informs us that the celebrity manager has requested a video shoot and that we must go for the ad. He requests that Shubham arrive as soon as possible.

Ram and Priya overhear Ishaan and Sara bickering. Ram replies that if Ishaan wants to stay with Varun, he will make that happen. Pavan arrives and informs us that everyone has checked in, but Varun is not present. Ishaan claims he was present. Ram has stated that he will attend.

He instructs Pavan to set up a room for Ishaan, where he would conduct his experiments. Ishaan joins Sara. Ram claims that I did it to avoid Ishaan’s worry, and that we will find Varun soon. Priya claims he is not present. Ram inquires if he drinks. She responds, “Not like you, rich people drink, and we don’t have any money to spend on beverages.” He claims it is a matter of taste. She claims that I don’t need to drink to live a happy life.

Krish notices them and turns. Ram and Priya notice his disguised appearance as a bartender. Ram inquires as to when he obtained this new position.

Krish claims, “I just obtained all the details of the manager Santosh Patel, and even his father Sanjeev was a massive scam.” Varun receives the manager’s contact information from Shashi. He describes the bribe paid to the folks in exchange for the contract. Krish also discusses the bribe. He teases Ram. Ram provides the date of the accident.


Varun goes on a drive with Ram. On the way, he threatens Ram, saying, “I caused your father’s accident, I killed him, and now you will die by my hands.” He races the automobile and then leaps out. Ram is involved in an accident.