Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 29 April 2022 | Episode 175 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 29 April 2022 | Episode 175

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The Episode starts with Varun asking Mahender how dare he risks Ishaan’s life. Mahender speaks to him as if he is your son. Mahender had a quarrel with Priya and Ram a while back. He curses her before leaving the bakery. Meera sobs. Priya claims that no one can break your marriage if you want to retain it, mentioning her own marriage as an example. Priya is the focus of Ram’s attention. Ishaan approaches and observes. Varun pays a visit to Mahender. Otherwise, Mahender advises him to return to Delhi…. Ishaan left the house because you scared him, according to Varun. What could I do, Mahender says, I had no choice.

Varun exclaims, “How could you?” Ishaan is the son of Sara’s ex-boyfriend, therefore don’t call him your son, Mahender argues. Ishaan inquires as to Varun’s whereabouts. Varun, Sara says, will come in some time. We’ll be waiting for him, according to Ram. Ishaan wonders why Meera is crying. Meera claims that she isn’t sobbing. Ram invites Ishaan to conduct a science experiment in the lab. Ram invites him to join him. He is dressed in an apron. Sara is given a chilly drink as part of the experiment. I used to call myself a scientist since I used to do this experiment for Shivi and Shubham. Priya gives him a friendly grin and takes his picture. Ram inquires about baking soda. He claims that if alkaline is added to any acidic substance, the result is predictable. He pours the soda into the cold drink and observes bubbles, a chemical reaction, and what occurs when too much soda is added. The chilled beverage spills out of the glass. Hold this, Ram says. It was a lot of fun, according to Ishaan. When we mix two things without thinking about it, Ram explains, things can get out of hand. For example, we humans and feelings are like canned soda; when we add something to it, such as erroneous thoughts, it bubbles up. Ishaan thinks you’re really cool. Sandy describes it as “very cool.” Meera identifies him as your Maasa ji. Ram says that’s not cool. Ishaan says RK, can I call you RK. Ram says say it again, I like it, its better than Mr. Kapoor. They laugh.

We’re going to Alibagh, Priya adds, and if you and Varun come along, it’ll be nice for Ishaan. Sara says no, we won’t be able to come. Mahender claims that instead of pleading with you, he threw money in your face. Varun says that money is no longer an issue, that threatening me is pointless, that Ishaan is now my kid, that I respect you, that I don’t care how you treat your wife and daughter, but that you treat my son properly, or else I won’t allow it the next time.  Priya thanks, Ram. Ram says I feel I don’t know well, I didn’t know where you study, I didn’t ask you like I didn’t ask about Sara’s personal life, I don’t know much about Mahender, I know he is an evil man, he might have troubled you all a lot. She says your life wasn’t easy too, no need to compare, my childhood was tough, I would not want any enemy to get such a childhood, everyone’s life has problems, why tension, my mum and sisters are still with me. He says me too.

He says, “I have a question,” indicating that everything between Sara and Varun is good. She responds, “I don’t believe so; I was planning on inviting them to Alibagh.” You invited everyone, he claims. She declines. He claims that he told you that we would go spend quality time together, but that you declined since you dislike romantic time. Listen to me, she says. You invited everyone, he claims. Listen to me, she continues, Tarun will always be with you. They arrive at their destination. He claims that you are his wife and that you and he are close. Yes, she says. He expresses his want to spend time with you, particularly after the previous night. She takes a step back. He says you turned away, when I talk about that night, you turn away, it was special for me. She says its special for me also.

She says it was a feeling, it was special for both of us. He holds her hand and says I m your husband, you are my wife. She says you called me immature. He says you show me eyes and run away. She says I m here, I didn’t invite anyone. Krish comes and knocks on window. She asks what is he doing here. Ram says he is your crush, you would know. Ram says Krish, you here, we will go in. Ram goes. Priya says I don’t want to go to Alibagh now. Varun says I won’t go. Sara says you should come, I know you did a lot for Ishaan. He says stop it, I m not interested to go, everyone will pity me, that I m doing a job at Ram’s place. He goes with Ishaan.

Shubham thinks Krish is a nice guy. Krish claims that Priya and I were not friends; we were simply batchmates; we became friends because of Ram, who is my protector. Shubham inquires as to who will save Ram. Priya believes I will not clarify to Ram. Nandini inquires about Priya’s college experience. Priya says, “Let it be, everyone will find a cause to mock me.” Krish claims she used to spend all of her time in the library. She claims you used to stay there for a special reason. Shivi, Ram adds I also spent a lot of time in the library. According to Shubham, your journey was unique. Ram claims I used to read fat novels. Priya says Krish used to go there to impress girls and get his assignment done. Krish says please, leave it. He asks Ram why he calls him. Ram asks when I call. Shubham says I have called him, I thought to help you in the investigation, I will like it, Sid and I were friends and business partners, I will talk to Sid and find out about Shashi. Ram says it’s not needed to get involved, I have a lead, if I don’t get info then we will think about what to do.

Priya and Ram share a moment. They hug. Shashi says they can reach those papers. Varun says no one will reach those papers before me. Krish says finally, we will get our answers tomorrow, all the best. Priya smiles.