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The episode begins with Priya saying, “I want your dad to get justice, and the murderer must be punished.” Nandini and her crew grin as Meera approach Priya. Ram breaks down and recalls all of their interactions. Nandini appears to support Ram, saying, “I didn’t believe you’d marry your father’s murderer.” Nandini sobs as Ram holds her. Nandini grins. Nandini and her crew afterward rejoice. Nandini claims that God blessed us today. Mami believes Ram demonstrated his devotion to his father today. However, because Priya did not murder Virender, Ram would forgive her. Shivi walks in and asks, “What are you people talking about?” Nandini advises staying away from Soods. Shivi points out that she is married. Nandini claims that I don’t need any Soods in this room.


So you choose the angles in my house. Shivi, Shubham says, go over there and wait for my orders. Shivi leaves.

Shubham requests that Nandini prepare a new will, naming everything after Nandini because Ram is in a condition where he will do what we say. Mam goes to see the lawyer. Nandini exudes confidence.


Ram encounters Krish here and shows him the license plate. Ram claims to have obtained this from Priya. I don’t trust this, says Krish; where is she? Ram says, “I know you feel deeply about Priya; can I believe you not to be prejudiced?” Krish believes I was simply terrified of this because their love for the family would drive them apart. Krish claims that I am with him.


You, but with the probe still in its early stages, and Priya is well-known for her ethics. Ram replies because you know so much about your clients, don’t bring up Priya with me until the murders are apprehended and Mahender is apprehended.


When Sara attempts to excuse Varun’s conduct, Priya returns home. Priya is skeptical, but Sara claims Varun attempted to assist them because he was guilty. Priya believes Mahender is in on it. Priya slumps and begs to be separated from Ram. Meera attempts to comfort her. Priya claims Ram believes she deceived him for Mahender, but she did not; I am not the old Priya, and I cannot leave Ram alone. Meera embraces her.

Meera claims that I’m not going to let you both have any influence because of Mahender. Sara wonders what will happen if Ram proves Varun wrong. Meera soothes them both. Priya says, “I’m going out for a while because I’m bored.” Priya believes I should see Mahender since he cannot damage our lives.


Ram and Krish are in the car together. Ishan phones and says, “Do you want to hear a physics theory?” Ram apologizes to Ishan for using him. Ram confirms that you have been admitted to the overseas university. Isham becomes overjoyed and asks if he is certain? Ram decides not to give up because he must do justice for his family. Ram responds, “Sure, I need the documentation for the process,” but Tells no one just yet. Okay, says Ishan, I’ll contact dad and urge him to hurry.


Priya arrives at Mahender’s residence but finds it locked. She notices an open window and walks inside to look in the cabinet. Here, Ishan phones Ram and says Varun will be here shortly and will hand over the paperwork; I haven’t told him yet because it’s a surprise. Ram concurs. Ishan then phones Varun again and encourages him to hurry because the situation is critical. Varun promises that I will be within no time. Ishan thinks you’re the best father. Shivi appears and declares himself to be the worst, a criminal. What does Ishan say? Shivi claims that your father murdered my father. Varun feels concerned after hearing this.

Ishan believes you are cheating. Shivi claims that Ram is also aware. Shivi leaves. Varun is concerned and ends the call.


Priya sees her bag in Mahender’s apartment and believes he simply kidnapped me; I will confront him. Priya then considers informing someone; she is ready to contact Ram but fears he will think negatively of her, so she calls Krish. Krish hears about the issue from Priya and begs her to leave because it is unsafe. Ram wonders where Priya is. What is the risk? Priya instructs Krish to speak with Varun, who is willing to reveal additional information. Priya hangs up the phone when she hears Varun and Mahender talking, so she hides and tapes their chat, during which Mahender exposes that Varun did it.



The episode concludes.


Precap —

When Ram discovers that Meera chose Varun rather than him, he declares, “I, too, want justice for Nandini.”