Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 25 May 2022 | Episode 193 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 25 May 2022 | Episode 193

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The episode begins with Nandhini telling Priya that she has been delighted that they were becoming closer and planning to raise a family. Pritam claims she did not deceive them and simply took the time to tell them the truth. Nandhini requests that she depart because it is Virendra’s birthday and it is becoming late. Ram shows his displeasure with Priya. Priya tries to defend herself by saying she just wants to confirm it for herself.


Ram claims to comprehend. Nandhini motions Shubham to take the veil off the image. Priya is taken aback by the registration number and questions Ram about it. Ram claims he breathed his last breath in his father’s automobile. Priya recalls seeing the registration plate among her belongings that are about to go collected.


Mama arrives at her and inquires whether she intends to conceal it. Nandhini recognizes it as the registration number that was misplaced in her husband’s incident. They recollect Mami discovering the plate number in Priya’s belongings and texting Nandhini about that as well. It was all Nandhini’s idea to catch Priya.


Ram arrives and questions Priya about it. Priya claims her mother sent it with her belongings and believes it belongs to Mr. Sood. Nandhini claims that this proves her father is the murderer and accuses Priya of concealing the evidence in order to preserve her father. Ram defends Priya, claiming that she would never do anything like that, but his mom accuses him of doing so despite being told that his father is abusive.


is to blame for his father’s death. She accuses him of disregarding her error out of love. Ram tells Priya that he has always been there for her and encourages her to pursue the right path.


Priya claims she never planned to hide it since as soon as she learned about the number plate, she rushed her mom and inquired about it. She enquired about Varun because Mr. Sood had presented his alliance for Sara, but she stated that they had been not engaged. Shubham inquires whether she believed what her mother told her in that manner. Priya claims it was her mother, whereas Ram claims it was his mother who raised him after his father died. Shubham blames Priya and her mother for keeping Mr. hidden Sood and Varun committed a crime to atone for their transgression.


Priya’s mother arrives and accuses Ram of not believing Priya. She declares that she will never longer allow her daughter to be present in places where people do not trust her. Priya tries to explain, but her mother is uninterested. Shubham displays proof of the registration number discovered in Priya’s belongings after the accident. Meera inquires whether he began to distrust Priya solely because of that. Ram tries to argue with her, but Meera claims she won’t understand because all she understands is that he won’t respect her daughter, and she won’t let her remain to justify herself. Priya admits to accompanying her because she respects her. Ram hopes Priya does not end up regretting her decision and Priya, too, hopes for him just to discover his father’s killer and bring him justice.




Priya and Meera leave together. Ram wishes to detain Meera. Ram and Priya are pitted against one another.