Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 18 May 2022 | Episode 188 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 18 May 2022 | Episode 188

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The episode begins with Nandini telling us not to get too excited until the will is finalized. Mom, Shubham says you did it. I did it, she claims. Shivi claims that I would prepare the meal today. Priya and Ram say Sara will prepare the meal while you relax. Shivi responds, “Then I’ll prepare the dinner tomorrow.” Priya had food poisoning from her fusion cake, so Ishaan says, “I won’t have the food at home, I’ll protect myself.” Shivi and Ishaan are at odds. She chastises him. He claims that you are so stupid that you are unaware that your recipe pages have been messed up.


Priya inquires as to how you know this. He apologizes. Shivi says, “I was feeling like I was doing something wrong, and you are such a nasty person.” Ishaan thinks you’re a moron. She yells. Ram intervenes. He wants Akki to calm Shivi down. He says it’s fine; after that confusion, I assumed Priya was pregnant; Priya and I will never forget that day. Akki embraces Shivi. It was amusing, according to Ram. Shivi responds, “Thank God Priya isn’t pregnant; else, everyone would have asked for a child.” Ishaan says you’re stupid, that I know everything, that you didn’t want me because she doesn’t want babies. He goes. Priya says she’ll speak with him. Don’t chastise me now, Ishaan says. Okay, Priya says, but you mentioned something incorrectly.

Shivi, Ram replies, you ruined everything; it was a special day for me. What, asks Akki. Ram claims that Priya told him, “I love you.” They’re all beaming. I was planning on taking a romantic walk with her, but I’m stuck here, Ram says. Akki feels it’s a good thing I didn’t react when Shubham said. Shivi apologizes, saying, “I didn’t realize the day was so precious for you.” Sara apologizes. Priya claims Sara would never think such a thing, but you know I never lie. Ishaan then wonders if his father is lying. She wonders why Varun would say that. Ram appears. Shivi wants to apologize, so he invites Ishaan to come. He informs Ishaan about the scholarship, which surprises her.


Varun dials Priya’s number and requests his interview documents. I’ll give it to Sara, she says. He invites her to meet him outdoors and to arrive soon. She invites him to the bakery. Priya hangs up the phone and asks, “Why did you say this to Ishaan about Sara?” She arrives at the bakery and inquires as to why you informed Ishaan of this. Varun comes in and asks if everything is good; Ishaan says he had a dispute with Shivi and that I will speak with him. She claims that she chatted with him and that everything is good. He claims that he never lies. Varun always tells the truth, she claims. He claims to be my son. Sara’s son, she says, as well as yours.


He says yes, and she says yes. He said this in fury when she asked why he thinks Sara didn’t want to bring him into the world. She inquires as to why you said this to Ishaan. Sara allegedly wanted to terminate Varun. She says she didn’t do it on her own volition, she was helpless when her lover betrayed her, we had no way, we were alone, so she thought so, but she didn’t because she is a mother, and you used this against Sara. He claims that because I didn’t tell him, he overheard Sara and me fighting. She suggests that you chat with him to clear things out.


He says, “Trust me, I’ll clear it,” “I’m not a horrible person,” “I’ve made many life modifications for Sara and Ishaan,” and “Give me that paperwork.” She hands over the papers. It crumbles. She apologizes profusely. The papers are chosen by them. She notices the stock transfer documents. Ram returns home. He inquires about Shivi and Akki. Meera, according to Nandini, would prefer that they stay at her home. He says, “You’re right,” “I know you miss dad on his birthday,” “We know dad wasn’t wrong,” and “All thanks to Priya, I’m going to register my will.” She claims it’s because of me. No, he says, read the will.


Adi received the preliminary text, she claims, and I instructed Tarun to retain the file in the room. Ram instructs Tarun to go collect it. She believes that I have already read the will. He claims that he modified the will to ensure that nothing is taken from you, that you have the right to everything, that he nominated Priya as the guardian of everything, and that he has given you everything. She is taken aback. Priya believes Shashi ordered his men to steal these papers, which suggests Varun is the culprit; I should inform Ram. Ram receives her phone call. He continues, “I know you’ll be surprised, but I’ve decided that this is in the best interests of the family. Nandini claims you named Priya everything.



Priya approaches Varun, accusing him of lying and stealing the argument papers. We’ll survive on Priya’s pity, Nandini adds. Priya, Ram says, will take my position.