Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 17 May 2022 | Episode 187 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 17 May 2022 | Episode 187

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The episode begins with Priya weeping. Ram apologises and said did not meet Vedika; he was furious and told her so. Is this hilarious, she wonders? He apologizes, saying that it isn’t humorous because they kidnapped you to intimidate me. She feels it’s not appropriate to bring Vedika into the picture. I know I should have told you about it, she continues, but I couldn’t. He wonders why. Every why she claims has no explanation. Priya confronts him. He says you didn’t inform me about the kidnapping, why did you keep me out of it and take all the risks on your own, you’re my wife now, not just my name, everything I do is for you, I promised you,

I will always defend you, you have no right to take away my freedom. I’m sorry, she says. He adds, “I don’t want your apology; I want your promise.” He continues, “Promise me, promise me, you won’t keep anything from me; don’t you want to share everything with me?” She claims that she will not share, that she cannot guarantee anything, and that you already know this, so why are you asking? He inquires as to why you do this on a regular basis. She screams, “I adore you!” Ram locks his gaze on her. Her remarks are repeated. She claims that if they kidnap and harm me, she will put up with anything for you, even dying for you. Ram embraces her. Suna Kabhi….plays…


Ram says you’ll never say anything like this again; you can say I love you, but not about it. I’m afraid I’ll lose my present if I die. She claims that this will not occur and that she will always be close to you. They are hugging. You have my heart, he says. He receives a text message. Ram claims that Vikrant texted and contacted him at work urgently and that he told him, “This will help you.”


He extends a napkin to her. He requests that she keep his heart safe. Adi claims that this is the draught, and Ram claims that he will complete it. Nandini wonders why he’s doing this. Adi expresses his concern and wishes to protect you all. She wants him to tell it like it is: is Ram’s life in danger? I want that man captured, so Adi says no, Shashi can’t do anything to Ram in this version.


She begs him to take it because she is unable to keep it. He claims, “I knew it, you’ll say it, and I’ll tear it apart.” She replies no, don’t do that, Ram would have figured about it, I’ll put it in Ram’s room, and we’ll figure it out when he gets here. She instructs Tarun to store the file in Ram’s room. Adi departs. Nandini advises I should check the will to see if it’s worded the way I want it. Shashi tosses the papers to Varun and inquires if he is illiterate because the papers aren’t the same.


Varun wonders how this could have happened; perhaps the papers were mixed up in the bag. Shashi claims that if the papers are obtained, we would be arrested. This, according to Varun, will not happen. Sara contacts Priya and tells her that she has papers in her luggage. Priya agrees. Sara assures me that I will receive it. Varun confronts Shashi. You just compensated me for my work, he claims. Mahender, according to Shashi, is incapable of kidnapping. Varun claims that no CCTV footage of me was captured. Shashi claims Krish is astute; he wants to contact you first, then me; we must act.


Krish claims that I am performing my duties. Vikrant claims that you are doubting us while performing your duties. You’re attempting to detour from the topic, according to Krish. He requests that Ram pay attention to him. He claims I have no evidence against anyone else. They are my family, Ram claims. Krish suggests using lie detectors to prove it.


. Ram claims that I will not allow it. Krish says, “Allow me to do my job.” Nandini enters Ram’s chamber to check the draught of the will. Shivi approaches her and addresses her. Nandini is summoned to speak with Akki. Nandini is leaving. Krish replies, “I have a strong suspicion that one of your close associates has done this,” adding, “Think about it, that guy was in your presidential suite.” Adi inquires as to why he was there. Theft, says Krish. There was no theft, according to Ram. Krish claims that something was taken from your drawer and that it was important to him. Ram speculates that the light in our room went out because Shashi wanted to turn off the lights in the presidential suite because he had taken something. Someone says yes to Krish.


This has been done by someone close to you. Priya claims that Ram’s pals could never do anything like this; nevertheless, Vikrant, Kunal, and Adi are Ram’s family, not friends, so don’t mistrust them. Krish says okay, I’ll see what I can do. She expresses regret to Kunal and Vikrant. Krish apologizes, saying, “I forgot you guys were imp for Ram.” Let that go, Adi says he was doing his job. It’s fine, according to Vikrant and Kunal.


Krish expresses his gratitude to Priya for preventing him from exceeding his line. Ram would’ve dismissed you, according to Priya. Ram examines them. Akki and Shivi have returned home. Because she believes something happened, Akki made this decision. Sara claims that your mother was ecstatic. Ishaan welcomes them. He has a disagreement with Shivi. Priya and Ram arrive. Shivi cracks jokes.

Ishaan is asked to be a nice person by Priya. Ram inquires about your sudden arrival. Shivi claims that Akki requested that I return home. Priya inquires about Akki’s well-being. I was missing everybody at home, so Akki says yes, I’ll meet Shubham at work. Ram inquires if you informed your mother. Shivi claims that her mother shocked her by inviting her to Akki’s residence. Ram claims that he remained there for your pleasure and that if you stay with the Soods and bond with them, you will forget about the Kapoor home. Shivi agrees that you are correct; it is now my turn to claim his home.


Shubham inquires as to how you allowed Shivi to visit Sood’s home. Nandini claims that she can only work on one project at a time and that Soods don’t abuse her. They adore her; she’ll have to adapt for a few days; we need to do this work before Priya gets involved. She receives the will. She examines it. He inquires as to what transpired. Ram is naming it all, she claims.



Ram calls Adi and tells him that he needs to modify his will and rename everything Priya. Priya receives the stock transfer documents. Varun inquires about Ram with Priya. Priya confronts him about his deception. He yells at her.