Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 17 March 2022 | Episode 144 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 17 March 2022 | Episode 144

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 144 | 17 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vedika stating that the bangle is not present. Akki has the bangle and thinks I’ll tell Ram I got it from Vedika; I had to lie to him because I know Ram will never defraud Priya. Ram notices Priya is upset. He requests that Adi cancel the interview. He claims that Priya is ill and that he does not want to do the interview. Priya inquires as to why you are acting in this manner. Ram says, “I’d like to know what’s wrong; please tell me.” She wonders if this is your concern or a ruse. Adi inquires as to how I intend to cancel the interview at this time. Ram says I’ll cancel it, and if I say it nicely and with charm, they’ll agree. Adi departs. Akki visits Ram. He apologizes, saying, “You said you had forgiven me, scold me, but don’t ruin your mood.” She claims that everything is fine. Akki wonders if I should give him the bangle right now.

Ram tells her not to be upset because of Akki, and not to worry because if Meera sees you, she will be concerned. She says I’m fine. Ram inquires. Sandy explains the game to them. Priya believes I’m interested in knowing whether you truly believe in this marriage. The reporter wishes them the best of luck. The game begins with Ram and Priya. She says I’m not going to use the chit and clues, but instead will ask Ram about it my own way. She proposes that I draw and Ram guess. Brinda warns Ram about Priya. Meera believes that everything is fine. Nandini declares, “I’m with Priya.”


Priya doodles something. Everyone applauds. Nandini cracks a smile. Ram believes I am aware that it is about our marriage. Priya wonders what he’s seeing and why he’s taking so long. Ram claims that Akki and Shivi are the reason for our relationship. Nandini describes a marriage based on conditions. Ram wonders if Priya sees a problem in our marriage even today. Brinda instructs Ram to say it in a single word. Priya believes the word was BFF, but he has since forgotten. Ram refers to himself as Ram’s best friend for life. Shivi claims it’s our wedding. Shivi and I got married in the temple, according to Akki. Meera inquires whether this answer is correct. Ram claims that Priya and my relationship arose as a result of them; this relationship is one of best friends for life, not of conditions, did I say that correctly? Priya gives a nod. She is unsure whether he lied or not. She believes I can’t melt my heart and know the whole truth while remaining strong. Ram believes she is not upset with me.


Sara and Brinda crack a joke. Vedika informs Nandini that she did not receive the bangle. Nandini summons her downstairs. Priya believes we’ll see if Ram gets it right this time. She creates yet another sketch. Everyone makes fun of them and refers to them as romantic. Priya believes Ram lied to me that day, and I’d like to know the truth. Priya, according to Sara, is not mischievous. Ram mentions rain, which I enjoy, but Priya does not. She asks him to respond in a single word. He says, “I just lied to her once,” but Priya got drenched in rain just to find out the truth from me; she despises rain and lies, and I apologize. Priya gives the correct answer. Adi congratulates Ram. Priya believes he is correct, but she believes she is incorrect. She claims that you won and I lost. He claims that you forced me to win. Priya is asked to sit by the reporter, Ram will draw now, and Priya will guess. Ram hands Priya a tissue and tells her she might need it. He requests that they provide him with a hint. Ram, according to Akki, adores you. Mami arrives and says no to Nandini. Nandini wonders where Vedika is. She sends a text message to Vedika, telling her to come downstairs right away. Brinda tells Ram not to lose focus. She gives him the hint… I adore you. Ram’s drawing, according to Adi, is poor. They are all laughing. Priya, according to Ram, will not figure it out. Brinda insists and says she’ll let us know what she thinks. Ram says yes, but she doesn’t express herself.



Vedika enters the room wearing a blue saree. Priya is taken aback. Shubham accuses Akki of robbing him of the bangle. Priya stands up for Akki. Nandini is adamant.